Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Smoked Serrano Drizzle

This past weekend, we decided to attend the Minneapolis Farmers Market right after it opened at 6 am. It was still dark out, so the market was all lit up ...

How to Make Haggis (in North America, Anyway!)

A bit of a weird (TMI?) note here… my body is kind of weird, and I have ridiculous needs when it comes to animal protein, B vitamins, iron, etc. If ...

Roasted Radish Salad with Maple Dijon Vinaigrette

Another weekend, another few steps towards a normal house/life! I’ll get more into what post tornado progress we made, after the recipe… but one thing we did this weekend was ...


No-Tomato Quinoa Tabbouleh Recipe (Gluten-Free)

I love quinoa. The taste is decent, and it’s a fun texture ...

Con Food – Hotel Room Smoothies!

Today is day two of a week long feature I’m running on ...

Healthier Apple Oatmeal Muffins

In the past couple of months, I’ve gotten back in the habit ...

Hearty Corn and Black Bean Soup

Spring is on its way, but there is still time to take ...

Roasted Chickpeas

Yesterday marked day one of a one month long challenge that my ...

Booze Bouquet Tutorial

As you may know, my husband and I are not really Valentine’s ...

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Autism Awareness Day – A Few Thoughts from my Spot on the Spectrum

Today is “World Autism Awareness Day”, or – as those of us on the spectrum tend to prefer – “World Autism Acceptance Day”. Maybe I’ve just done a really good job of culling the herd over the past few Aprils, but I was heartened to see a few positive posts in my feed this morning… […]

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Gluten Free Sauerkraut Buns Recipe (Pyrizhky)

Yikes, it’s been over a month since my last post! Sorry about that. We’ve been super busy with 3 conventions, Pi Day, AND a long road trip in that time. Back now, and it’s about a month til our next convention, so… here I am! Growing up, I loved Sauerkraut buns… soft little bready balls […]

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Gluten-Free Lembas Recipe

With just a few short days til TheOneRing.Net‘s “One Last Party”, I decided that it was finally time to develop my own Lembas recipe. I think it would be fun to bring it along on our journey (along with our Miruvor!): Cheaper than airport food, healthier – especially in light of the travel, looong hours, […]

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Miruvor Recipe

Well, this is fun. As I started to blog this recipe, I realized that I probably need an “Elvish” category. I nested it under my Ethnic Foods category, LOL! Anyway. A couple months ago, I started work on a recipe for as-legit-as-possible Miruvor. I’d seen recipes out there for cocktails called Miruvor, but nothing that […]

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Caturday: Tolkien Edition

So, we’re just a few days away from OneRing.Net‘s “One Last Party – There and Back Again”, and our little fellowship that’s going is SO excited. Adventure! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted a Caturday blog, so… let’s do one, and make it Tolkien themed. First, meet my baby Gandalf. She was born […]

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