“Fat Elvis” Cupcakes!

This past weekend, I had to bring something to an author’s picnic that Minnesota Historical Society Press – the publisher of Sweet Corn Spectacular was putting on. Being kind of ...

Paneer Burgers… or “Indian Cheeseburgers”

A while back, one of my prison buddies MasterChef friends – Duckie – posted a photo of her dinner on Facebook. While that in itself isn’t anything special – my ...

How to Make Compound Butters – Easy & Versatile!

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking/working on my upcoming corn cookbook. It still feels weird to be on contract with a publisher (or, as I call it.. “Minnesota ...


Craft – How to Sew a Cute Toiletry / Makeup Bag Travel Set

Back in the beginning of May, I posted a very long, very ...

Porter House Guacamole

With the long weekend coming up, I think it’s about time to ...

Rum Runners – Cocktail Recipe

I’ve been meaning to post today’s recipe for a long time … ...

Apple Chicken Burgers with Basil and Gouda

The other day, we were having breakfast at a local restaurant, when ...
Carved Watermelon Fruit Bowl

How to Carve a Watermelon Fruit Bowl – Caladium Style!

About a week ago, we celebrated the one year anniversary of our ...

Confetti Bars! (Butterscotch, Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Bars)

Short and sweet post today… .. so I’ve been dealing with a ...

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Marie’s Pasta Salad Recipe

So I have a weird confession to make: Although I’m not a picky eater by ANY means, I’ve always hated pasta salad. Early on, the pasta salads I’d been exposed to were gross – way too sweet, or salty, or the pasta was too firm, or the sauce was too bland. Up until very recently, […]

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Fish Fingers & Custard Recipe (Gluten Free)

This recipe has been a long time coming. I’d been meaning to develop a proper fish fingers / custard recipe ever since Matt Smith’s first appearance on Doctor Who. Sure, it sounded weird… but I could make it work! Procrastination (and apathy for the 11th Doctor… Sorry!) got in the way, and I shelved the […]

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Roasted Beet Ketchup Recipe

I’m back from my recent vacation to my hometown (Winnipeg). It had been 4 years since I’ve set foot on Canadian soil, and I had a wonderful time. Because we were specifically visiting for Folklorama, we pretty much ate the entire time. No joke. Now, I am refreshed, inspired, and ready to go! Expect at […]

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Gluten-Free Sesame Chicken Recipe

Saturday night, my laziness / beat-uppedness (That’s a word now. I say so.) ended up setting in motion the events that would soon result in the development of the BEST sesame chicken I’ve ever had in my whole life. Chores, taking a friend for her VERY first experience at SR Harris (a local fabric warehouse… […]

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Brie en Croûte with Prosciutto, Honey Pear Sauce, and Figs

As we were doing our grocery shopping the other day, we happened to notice that fresh figs were in season. I’ve been waiting for this for a while – I’ve been planning for a decadent gluten-free brie en croûte recipe for Beyond Flour, which requires fresh figs. It’s kind of maddening when you dream something […]

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