Gluten Free Poptarts Recipe (Toaster Pastries)!

Poptarts are one of those things that satisfy some weird need for childhood comfort food every once in a while… even though they aren’t actually really that good. It’s funny ...

Grownup Hot Chocolate & Hot Cocoa

The weather here has been pretty miserable for the last little while – TONS of rain, heavy winds, and pretty cold on top of it. Many of my friends have ...

How to Make Haggis (in North America, Anyway!)

A bit of a weird (TMI?) note here… my body is kind of weird, and I have ridiculous needs when it comes to animal protein, B vitamins, iron, etc. If ...


Wild Rice & Sausage Stuffed Peppers

After the past few months of takeout, convenience foods, and generally processed ...

Roasted Beet Ketchup Recipe

I’m back from my recent vacation to my hometown (Winnipeg). It had ...

Biscuits and Gravy… MY Way!

Shortly after I moved to the US, I heard of “biscuits and ...

Fennel Chicken and Sausage Soup

Here we are, the final recipe to result from last weekend’s super ...

French Canadian Pea Soup

Ah, pea soup. I love French Canadian style – loved it when ...

Boozy Fun with Fresh Citrus Fruit

It’s a great time of year to purchase citrus fruits. Not only ...

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My Convention Survival Guide

Con season is upon us! I was planning to write a blog entry on convention food recipes, but that idea has snowballed a bit. As it turns out my little “adventure” in LA gave me some unique planning experience when it comes to hotel rooms! This is now more of a survival guide pack list […]

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Boneless, Meatless “Ribs” in Asian Inspired Sauce

You know how Murphy’s Law rules my life? Open a cake business… turn up with a gluten allergy Buy a house.. gets hit by a tornado a couple months later. Well, we can add a new one to the list. My husband and I have been slowly coming to the conclusion that he needs to […]

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Matcha (Green Tea) Pavlova Recipe

Recently, we celebrated my husband’s birthday with an All-you-can-eat sushifest. Great time- Friends kicked in $10 each towards ingredients, I did all the shopping and prep work. When they arrived for the party, We started with satay and gyoza (both homemade), before digging into the custom sushi. I made 3 sauces, and bought a ton […]

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Let’s Talk about the Autism “Puzzle Piece”

As April starts tomorrow, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time fighting the good fight on social media – Educating people about the evils of Autism Speaks, speaking up for autistic rights, and thanking allies for spreading good information. One question I’ve been asked a lot lately is “Why is the puzzle piece considered […]

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Sad to “Kiss Them Goodbye”…

A couple months ago, I came across a notice that upset me greatly – The Nylons were going on a farewell tour, before calling it quits. I want to talk about what all transpired as a result, but I warn you – this is going to be the most emo post I’ve ever written. Probably […]

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