Poached Pears

Looking for an easy, elegant dessert to serve on New Year’s Eve? Look no further! Poaching is a great way to use fruit when it’s either off-season and less than ...

The Toilet Paper Wars

My husband has a habit of leaving approximately 2 squares on the toilet paper roll, just so he doesn’t have to be the one to replace the roll on the ...

Shot Tectonics – The Science of Layered Shooters

Layering shots is not only a pretty way to pour delicious drinks, it’s also a lot of fun. A bit of flavor mixology, some math, some experimentation, pretty colors… that’s ...


Hearty Corn and Black Bean Soup

Spring is on its way, but there is still time to take ...

Gluten Free Mixed Vegetable Pakora

Remember when I went on a Pakora making binge, and promised to ...

Wine Making at Home, Part I : WHY?

As I mentioned in a recent blog entry, my husband and I ...

Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Pretzels Recipe

Yes, you read that right. Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Pretzels. I think I ...

Poutine Recipe – The way *I* Do it!

Hey guys! So, can I just say how great it feels to ...

Pina Colada Bundt Cake

This was my first foray into the world of boozy baking, combining ...

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Roasted “Convention” Chili Recipe

It’s just a few short days til Marscon – our first convention of the year! For some brilliant reason, I decided at the last minute that I should make a Klingon costume for the occasion. This was with a trip to Dallas looming, and – unknowbeknowst to us at the time – a bout of […]

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Bananas Foster Pavlova

Just flew back from an INSANE trip to Dallas this past week. Stayed with friends, enjoyed great company, great food, … Vanilla Ice, Ninja Turtles.. drunkenly prank calling some of my MasterChef “prison buddies” with Matt Orsini (remember him from my videos?).. and more. Truly epic trip. One thing that I was particularly looking forward […]

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Cuties Marmalade Recipe

Ok, going to take a break from developing Beyond Flour: A New Kind of Gluten-Free Cookbook to share a recipe post or two A little while back, I was about to roast a duck, and realized that I didn’t have any marmalade on hand for the glaze I wanted for it. It was cold out, […]

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Baked Reuben Poppers

Taking a quick break from developing my next cookbook, to write a few quick blog entries. Time to go through a backlog of older recipes and photos! Back a few years – damn, had to be about 6, now – I made deep fried Reuben rolls for my husband. Think egg rolls, but completely different […]

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Geekery and my Partridgeberry Pie Recipe (AKA Lingonberry Pie)

Apologies for the silence on the blog lately – I’ve been hard at work on my upcoming gluten free cookbook, “Beyond Flour”. It hasn’t left me much time, drive, or inclination to post blogs! Whoops. This weekend, I was inspired to post something… albeit in a roundabout way. The facts are these: – Since making […]

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