More “Classically” Styled Wedding Cakes

Photos are for inspiration purposes, as we are no longer accepting custom cake orders. Click any photo to view a larger version.

Petal Orchids Wedding Cake
Petals with Orchids

Pastel Meringue Flowers Wedding Cake
Meringue Flowers

Twin Cities Pride 2008 Committment Cake
Pride 2008

Drapey Roses Wedding Cake
Drapes & Roses

Snowflakes Wedding Cake

Sugar Orchids
Sugar Orchids

Phalaenopsis Orchids Wedding Cake
Phalaenopsis Orchid Tiers

Yellow Daisies Wedding Cake

Silvery Bow Wedding Cake
Silvery Bow

Chocolate Shells Wedding Cake
Sea Shells

Chocolate Leaves & Berries Wedding Cake
Chocolate Leaves

Grapes & Roses Wedding Cake
Roses & Grapes

Chocolate Draped Hearts Wedding Cake
Chocolate Draped Hearts

Marbled Pastel Wedding Cake with Sugar Orchids
Marbled Pastels

Lime Green Wedding Cake with Orchids
Lime Green Orchids

Oval wedding cake with sugar callas
Cascading Callas

Chocolate Leaves & Fruit
Chocolate and Fruit

Sugar Lilies
Sugar Lilies

Turquoise & Magenta Wedding cake with orchids
Blue & Magenta

Sugar Butterflies and Orchids Wedding Cake
Sugar Butterflies

Yellow Sugar Roses Wedding Cake
Sugar Roses

Black, White, and Magenta Stationery-Inspired Wedding Cake

Black and White Sketched Cymbidium Orchids Wedding Cake
Sketched Freehand Orchids

Elegant Orchid Wrap Wedding Cake
Orchid Wrap

Marbled Chocolate Fondant Wedding Cake
Double chocolate Marble

Designer Gown Wedding Cake
Designer Gown

Sugared Fruit Winter Wedding Cake
Sugared (real!) Fruit

Sleek Orchids Wedding Cake
Sleek Orchids

Metallic Autumn Leaves Wedding Cake
Metallic Airbrushed Leaves

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Wedding Cake
Poured Ganache &
Dipped Strawberries!

Handpainted Cocoa Stargazer Lilies Wedding Cake
Cocoa Lilies

Gold & Chocolate Brocade
Gold & Chocolate Brocade

Lambeth Style Wedding Cake
Lambeth Style Wedding Cake

Black Sash Gown Wedding Cake
Black Sash Wedding Gown

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