The Evening Telegram – Pageant Winner Needs Airline Ticket to go with Crown

The Evening Telegram, 3/21/99
Pageant winner needs airline ticket to go with crown

Jennifer Hunter wants to represent Newfoundland and Labrador at the Canadian pageant in Edmonton that will choose Canada’s entry for the Miss Universe Pageant, but she’s having trouble getting her wish off the ground – literally.

The 21-year-old Memorial University student has won the chance to compete in the pageant and has had photography, dresses, a bathing suit and sash donated, but she doesn’t have a plane ticket west.

Hunter, originally from Grand Falls-Windsor, has contacted different airlines and corporations only to be told they don”t sponsor such events.

“I would like to get out there and get Newfoundland noticed,” Hunter said. “Newfoundland hasn’t been represented there in a number of years.”

Designer Marie Routhier has signed onto the cause, donating Hunter’s wardrobe and helping her get sponsors.

“This is an opportunity for both of us, not just myself,” Hunter said, explaining exposure at a national competition will benefit Routhier’s business as well.

Routhier is allowing any sponsors to advertise in her upcoming fashion show.

The winner of the Edmonton competition will go on to represent Canada at the Miss Universe Pageant in Trinidad and Tobago in May 1999.

Hunter, the province’s reigning Miss Bud Girl for Budwiser beer, hasn’t given up hope yet. She still has one week to make it to Edmonton to join the other delegates on March 28. The competition will be held March 31.

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