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Marie Routhier, 19, Newfoundland

By Heather Skydt
When Marie Routhier was four, she began making her own skirts with her mother’s sewing machine. By the time she was 11, Marie was designing and selling figure skating costumes for friends. This eventually led to orders for graduation gowns and bridal wear. “Through word of mouth, my business grew over my high school years,” says Marie. “It was amazing.” In Grade 11, Marie took several bridal consulting and floral arts courses, then started a home-based bridal and formalwear design business. “I’ve been accused of trying to be a wonder-woman because I’m constantly taking on too much,” explains Marie. “I’m better now since I’ve learned to delegate.” Last April, Marie decided to move her business to St. John’s from Winnipeg. “Everyone here is so supportive of young entrepreneurs and there are lots of job opportunities if you make them for yourself,” says Marie. “Newfoundland is like paradise to me.” Now, at 19, Marie will be teaching the first fashion design course at the College of the North. Her latest designs can be seen at the 1999 Miss Newfoundland and Labrador Pageant, and the 1999 Miss Atlantic Canada Pageant. Check out Marie on the web at [].

A few notes: Marie moved back to Winnipeg before having the chance to see the CONA project through, and the Miss Atlantic Canada pageant ended up not happening.

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