Marie’s Notes from our Crazy Photoshoot

We had our photo shoots Saturday and Sunday, for the Irish and Republic of NF flag swimsuits. Saturday was amazing, we drove to Trinity and got some great photos. We also ran into a reporter for CBC, who loved the republic suits, and she took our card.

Sunday, we were out to Signal Hill for 7am, and things didnt start out well. It was overcast, extremely windy, more than half the models didn’t show up, we ended up with NO male models, and the guy from Parks Canada wasn’t there to let the girls into the building to change, so we had to improvise. One of our models lived in Catalina, and drove to Clarenville the night before, so she’d shave an hour off her trip… but where she was had some pretty hard rain, so she didn’t leave till we got ahold of her at 9am.. missed the whole first location. Got some great photos with the models we had though.

So, we drive out to Tors Cove, to shoot at Ocean Adventure B&B. They treated us awesome, it was sunny and gorgeous out, the scenery was amazing, and the model from 2 hours away showed up. I cannot express how beautiful this B&B was… and the view! I’ve always recommended Ocean Adventure tours to anyone looking for iceberg / puffin / whale watching tours, especially because Jerry is SO nice… but this B & B was just amazing. Congrats to Ocean Adventure for the recent expansion!

The photographers were running out of memory FAST, so I reminded them that we had to get out to a particular wharf, which was up the road and belonged to the B &B – they had old rusty anchors, a pier, boats, and all kinds of cool stuff to shoot with.

We got some great photos to start, then one of the models recruited the HOT DOG VENDOR guy to come shoot with us, so we were all thrilled to finally have a guy for the few male suits. Here’s where it gets weird.

He casually mentions that JEANNE BEKER is up at his house, because she’s a friend of the family. We’re out in the middle of NOWHERE, NL… so we don’t really believe him…. until she came strolling down to the wharf because she’d heard of our fashion shoot.

WELL… she loved my suits. She tried on one of our tankinis (The Petty Harbour top) and had her picture taken with everyone. She mentioned writing an article on the whole experience for the Globe and Mail next weekend… she’s SO nice!

She was super nice, and we all had a good laugh over the whole thing. She took a group pic, wearing the tankini, with a few of the models, which is posted below.

I bought a lottery ticket that night 🙂


Photo: K. Bruce Lane Photography

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