About the cake: “Raven”


Well, this cake is less than 24 hours old, and we’ve already had a ton of questions about it. Figured I’d post some information here, for those curious.

 This cake was made as a “thank you” to Kare 11 for doing the piece on me. “Raven” is a black labrador retriever who figures prominently in one of their local shows – “Minnesota Bound”. The dog is kind of… iconic.  At the end of the show, the host even jokes that she is the “star” of the show, which is about Minnesota outdoor life. One of our cats (Rat) LOVES the show – especially when the birds are on the tv.

As for the cake itself.. I guess we’ll start at the beginning!

Raven here started off as 3 9×13″ dark chocolate cakes.  Two of those were torted to about 2″ each, the third was intentionally baked to have a huge “hump” in the middle. The two 2″ thick slices were soaked with a custom Chambord syrup, then layered with my raspberry & light cocoa buttercream.  The “hump” layer was placed atop the uppermost layer of filling.

Then, the body up to the neck was carved from the cake. Wow, it sounds so easy just saying it like that – it was actually a bit of a nerve wracking experience! Eventually (headless) “Raven” started to take shape. I used cut offs of cake to make the legs. Covered the whole thing in my dark chocolate fondant, which I’d dyed black.

When I was satisfied that it did indeed look like a dog, I started on the head. The head is actually sculpted from Rice Krispies and melted marshmallows! When satisified with the head, I put it on a dowel for support, then covered it all with fondant.  Fashioned a couple of ears from the fondant, and applied them to the head.

Then, I pushed the dowel into the “neck” to attach the head, added a red fondant “bandana” around the neck, piped details on the face, paws, and bandana, and piped in the grass.

 I think I’m remembering everything.. LOL.

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