Kare 11 – Ace of Twin Cities Cakes

The following is the text article Kare 11 posted on their site, to accompany the news article they covered today.  The quotes are fairly paraphrased, but you get the idea anyway 🙂

Ace of Twin Cities Cakes

The ovens at the Northern Lights Banquet Hall north of Princeton work overtime.

“This one here is going to take a few hours,” said cake creator Marie Porter. Porter puts the finishing touches on her latest creation.

“With the fondant it’s like playing with play dough all day.”

Fondant is a sugary dough and Marie’s is made from marshmallows and icing. That’s what makes her cakes appear more like artwork than something edible.

“The stripes the crisscrosses that I put on it, that’s a sugar paste that’s hard, then the rest of it all the little curly Q’s that’s royal icing.”

Decadence like this sells for about four bucks a slice, it’s hours of work that turns into days Marie says. She’s not a patient person but something happens when she creates cakes.

Her creativity is sparked and the cakes seem to take on a life of their own.

A cake full of autumn leaves is an inspiration from KARE OnLIVE’s chat room.

“Everyday I’m on the chat talking about the fall colors and are the leaves changed up here.”

And from fall colors to fall hunting with a familiar guy for inspiration.

“This was sculpted to look like Raven from ‘Minnesota Bound.'”

Complete with a red kerchief, the black lab appears ready to eat cake and is another addition in what’s becoming a list of fondant creations.

A cake tasting party is scheduled for November 4th from 1 – 4pm at the Northern Lights Ballroom and Banquet just north of Princeton on Hwy 169.

For more information about the cakes check out this website, click here.

By Jeffrey DeMars KARE OnLIVE.

(Copyright 2007 KARE TV. All Rights Reserved.)

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