..It’s the icing on MY cake!

 Kare OnLive Cake

A couple of days ago, I participated in the Kare 11 OnLive Potluck.  Crazy amounts of fun!

A few of their regulars met at the studio for some online/OnLive chat, and a potluck to follow.  I knew it was going to be a lot of fun, but I didn’t know I’d be filming a commercial, OR that I’d walk out with my very own catchphrase!

Shortly after arriving at the studio with a very cool chick I’d carpooled with, I was whisked away to the studio to shoot some “soundbite” type commercials for the OnLive show. I’d designed a cake (above) around the show’s website, and was set up next to it for the taping.

The shoot was simple enough – I was asked a few questions about the show, my thoughts, etc… but at the end, they had me say “It’s the icing on the cake!”. We made the decision to change it to “Kare OnLive.. it’s the icing on MY cake, while pointing at the cake I’d brought. Kinda corny, but TOO cute. It’s funny, we were just talking about this the other day! We recently signed up for satellite, and in watching Food Network, noticed that all of the “rockstar” chefs had their own popular lines, catchphrases, etc. “The icing on my cake”. I kinda like it!

After the little soundbite shoot, we went to the ‘B’ studio to get ready for the show. After a bit of technical difficulty, we were all set up with laptops to chat with viewers. The cake was on the front table of laptops, and they made a bit of a big deal about it at one point.

Ya know, just when ya start to think you’re getting comfortable with media.. ya do something really dumb and realize that you’re NOT that comfortable. That’s my theory. I was feeling good this time. The “I’m really going to barf NOW!” feeling from the first interview wasn’t present this time. I was relaxed and chilled, till Cindy called me up to talk about the cake.

She asked “Tell me about the cake! What’s in it?”

Me: “Booze.”

Her: “This is a family show!”

Me: “Uhm.. I mean.. FLOUR! Sugar, eggs.. you know.. all good, wholesome stuff.. that’s .. uh… GOOD for you!”


The show seemed to be over almost as soon as it started! I was shocked how fast the time went by! We ended in the main studio to all wave goodbye, then went to see that Kare11 “Backyard”, then out to the cafeteria for our potluck.

The potluck was fun! Got to meet a few people I’d only ever chatted with online, and some people I hadn’t even chatted with before. “Minnesota Jen” from The Biggest Loser was there, and made a mean.. I’m not sure what to call it. Shrimp and avocado with lots of garlic, some lime, and I THINK cayenne. Wrapped up in lettuce.. yum. Hope she sends me the recipe! Also got to see Diana Pierce, Pat Evans, and Jeff (What’s my NAME, Jeff? LOL!) again, and finally got to meet Molly Rainbow and Cindy Chapman. All very cool people.

 So… Kare 11 OnLive CHRISTMAS PARTY, anyone?

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