Coolest wedding cake EVER.

I’ve been looking forward to this past weekend for a very long time – it was the weekend of the Mario cake wedding!

 Cory and Tori were so much fun to work with, I love when a couple lets me run wild on a cake, and come on.. It’s Super Mario Bros! I was like a kid waiting for Christmas. Well, it was a couple days after Christmas, so.. ya.

Super Mario Brothers Wedding Cake 

 I have never really been into video games, but I did love playing Super Mario Bros, on the original Nintendo NES system, with my grandma when I was a kid.  She loved playing it, and it was funny to watch her play – she’d move the controller up when she wanted to jump, and has almost fallen out of her seat a few times while playing!  It’s been well over 15 years since I’ve played! Of course, “research” would need to be done for this cake.

I had NO idea that my husband had an old NES system. He pulled it out, and.. well, I’m a little embarassed at how much Super Mario Bros we played in the week leading up to the wedding!

The cake took an insane amount of work.  Everything you see – aside from the Mario & Princess toppers and the clear base the cake is sitting on – is edible. The goobas, troopas, and mushroom guys are all made out of fondant. The Piranha Flower and Bowser are both sculpted out of Rice Krispy Treats and fondant.

Delivering the cake to the venue ended up being a unique treat for us.  Cory and Tori were married in the Wabasha Street Caves, a venue I’d never been to before.  We loved it! What a cool venue. It’s a reception hall built into a hill, very cavernous, and littered with cool items like a suit of armor, stacks of old style kegs, etc. Very cool.

Adding to the “treat” aspect of this particular delivery – the groom was there! I never see my couples on the day of their wedding, so seeing the first reaction to the cake is something I always miss out on. Not this time! What a thrill. I enjoyed watching Cory geek out over the cake (and was happy that he pointed out how accurate we were on representing the worlds. Research! LOL)

A set of parents was there as well, I *think* it was his parents. They were so cute, too!  The dad was talking up our “Please don’t freeze our cake, we’ll give you free one in a year!” anniversary cake policy to the mom, who apparently liked the idea, because she shrieked and gave me a big hug! LOL. Love it!  According to the father of the bride in an email a couple days after the wedding, “The cake was the hit of the reception”. 

 I love it so much when couples really personalize their wedding cake. Not only is it *so* much more fun than plain white buttercream decor, it’s what people remember, even years after the fact.

So, congrats Cory and Tori! It was great to work with you!

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