Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ya know, I haven’t been married all THAT long – I’m not a cranky old fart yet or anything! – but sometimes I find it kinda hard to get into Valentine’s Day. It just feels so contrived, ya know? I’m not into crappy heart shaped chocolate (I’ve managed to spoil both my husband AND myself in making truffles from scratch!), or fighting to get reservations at overcrowded restaurants.. and truth be told, I don’t even really like roses. Much more of a lilies person, myself!

So this year, feeling like we should “do SOMETHING”, we looked for something new and cool to try to commemorate the occasion, contrived or not. (That sounds so snotty, now that I read it again. I should elaborate.. I’m much more in the “show appreciation and enjoy life with each other year round!” camp, so we do special things together often enough that Vday seems.. sorta weird. Does that make sense?)

I came across some information for a Valentine’s event happening on Feb 13, and jumped on it! It turned out to be the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had, so I’d love to share.

Pick N’ Paint Ceramics in Anoka was hosting a Valentine’s themed ceramics event. For a very small studio fee ($10 per person, I think?), you went in, and the place was laid out as tables for 2. They had a banquet table full of appetizers, which were included in the fee – The only other fee was the cost of whatever item you chose to paint. Then, you painted ceramics with your sweetie.

I’d NEVER tried painting ceramics before, but I remember a treasured ceramic “pitcher and bowl” set that my mother had done at some point. That, and I’m always up for learning something new.. so it sounded perfect!

I swear we ate our registration fee in jumbo shrimp cocktail, lol.

Anyway, after looking through the raw ceramic items, we came up with a game plan. We picked a certain mug style that we liked, and decided:

– We would decorate them in a Valentine’s Day theme.
– We would each decorate a personalized mug for each other. IE: he decorated mine, I decorated his.
– That if we enjoyed ourselves, we would return for subsequent holidays and decorate the same style of mug in the theme of whatever day we were celebrating… and eventually amass a collection of holiday themed mugs!

It was a lot of fun! It was so cute how he got so in to making sure that he went over each of his designs the full 3 times, and got very exact about it. Mine.. haha. I think I overestimated my abilities from the start! Hahaha! The interesting thing is, the paint doesn’t look anything like what it will look like when it’s finished, so you have to rely on color charts and almost paint blind. I like the element of surprise!

We spent about 2 hours, from the time we arrive till we decided that our creations were complete. It was nice to sit and talk while completely distracted by what we were doing, we had the weirdest conversations (like one that centered on what “Celebrity Jeopardy” would be like if Will Farrell and Duff Goldman were on together!). Good times!

We’ll be going back next Friday to pick up the finished products – they have to fire them in a kiln to melt all the paint and make them food safe. I’ll post the pics here when we get them!

(Editted to add photo, and say.. wow, I really got my ass handed to me when we picked up the finished mugs! Will have to try harder next time!)

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