Cilantro Chicken Recipe

This Cilantro Chicken Recipe was originally posted in 2009, with only a couple sentences … and one really sad photo. Here, let me put it here, for posterity:

It’s 2020, I’m making a bunch of updates to the blog, and it’s time to tackle this one! While the recipe is basically the same now (I’ve made one small change, over the years!), it was desperately in need of being re-photographed. It was taken way back when I first developed the recipe – sometime before mid 2008, based on the stove pictured – and just really doesn’t do it justice. The photo doesn’t look appetizing at all, even though – as someone who’s made this many times – I KNOW better!


Back when this recipe was developed, there was a tiny Indian restaurant in downtown Minneapolis, called “Bombay Bistro”. They made a ridiculously good, highly addictive dish called “chicken cilantro”, which was basically the only thing we ever ordered, when there.

However, it was downtown, and – as much as we loved the Cilantro Chicken – we did not love going downtown. So, after a whole lot of googling, research, and experimentation, I came up with this approximation. Not *quite* exact, but still ridiculously good.

The initial blog post encouraged readers: “If you’re even in MN, you’ve gotta try this restaurant out!”, but sadly it seems to have gone out of business several years ago :(. We’ll continue to enjoy this Cilantro Chicken Recipe in its honour.

If you love Indian food, be sure to try my Chicken Shahi Korma (Also inspired by a – different – Indian restaurant in Minneapolis!), and my Butter Chicken recipe.


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Cilantro Chicken

Cilantro Chicken

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