Cake Mix!

No, this post isn’t about instant-cake-in-a-box, it’s about music!

I’ve been pretty lame about blogging for the last while. Was thinking about that this morning as I was working like a madman to the tune of “Knowing it’s you”. Well, that’s not entirely true. I was thinking “I should twitter a link to this song!”, as I’ve been doing fairly regularly… when the blog-neglect guilt set in! LOL. Decided that music may make a good blog entry topic, and here I am!

When many people think of artists at work, they picture stoic settings, classical music, etc. Personally, I like to crank up both the volume and bass on Euro tunes. Seriously considering black lights and a disco ball at my next kitchen, but I may be a little odd. I digress…

Here’s a list of songs on my current favorite “Cake Mix” CD. I throw them together every once in awhile, but this one has some serious staying power – it may just be my ultimate Cake Mix! I went ahead and found youtube links to each song, in case my readers aren’t familiar with a song / songs. In no particular order:

Knowing it’s you – Aluna (On youtube: Here)

All in my Dreams – Laya (On youtube: Here)

Headbone Connected – Daisy Dee (On youtube: Here)

Automatic Lover – Real McCoy (On youtube: Here)

Together Again – Sash! (On youtube: Here)

Grace Kelly (Bimbo Jones Mix) – Mika (On youtube: Here)

Right Type of Mood – Herbie (On youtube: Here)

Touch the Sky – Cartouche (On youtube: Here)

Memories – Netzwerk (On youtube: Here)

I Dream – Waldo’s People (On youtube: Here – Contains Nudity)

Think About the Way – Ice MC (On youtube: Here)

Freedom – DJ BoBo (On youtube: Here)

Elements – Neo Cortex (On youtube: Here)

L’Amour Toujours – Gigi D’Agostino (On youtube: Here)

So that’s it. Would love to hear what my fellow cakers would include on your lists. Non cakers, as well!

NB: In case you were wondering, the creation of most of our cakes usually involves a Macarena break at some point! LOL! )

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