A TRULY unique wedding gift idea!

This site wins for offering the *most* personalized gifts out there!

DNA 11 Gallery offers custom artwork, based around a few of the elements that make each person unique – DNA and Fingerprints, for example! No, I wasn’t abusing the word “unique”!

On this page, DNA 11 Gallery details some of their products that would be particularly great for gift giving. For example:

The blissful union of two loving people is more than just a joy; it’s a relief! When you find that perfect couple (especially if it’s your own), bless their union with a DNA SplitScreen artwork. Visually stunning, unarguably romantic, SplitScreen artwork combines the DNA of two people onto a single canvas. The presentation is intriguing, the effect is inspiring, and the colors actually match your carpet (if you want).


They also offer kiss portraits and fingerprint portraits! Also, if you don’t know what you want to give, they offer gift certificates! How awesome is that?

Thank you, amp59, for tweeting such a cool discovery!

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