Sugar Lilies, and Photography

I came across a gorgeous detail shot of some of my custom, handpainted sugar lilies this morning, and thought I would share:

The nice thing about being married to a photographer is that I have an insane amount of photos of everything I’ve ever made.  The not-as-nice thing about that is that there are many, many gorgeous photos that never make it to the site!

The 3 basic types of photos I choose from are:

“Straightforward” – These are the photos that you see in my galleries, and in my print portfolio. Straightforward shots of the entire cake, everything in focus.

“Artsy” – You see these sort of photos on the other pages of my site. It may be a partial view, it may feature a low depth of field (background looks fuzzy), etc. As I have only a finite amount of “other” pages, and each of those only has a certain amount of text to accent, I don’t get the opportunity to use many of these photos. They sure are pretty to look at, though!

“Detail” – These are some of the coolest to look at… but unfortunately I have the least amount of actual use for them. Photos of a very small part of a cake, really highlighting the beauty of a specific technique or design element.

I think it’s about time that some of these photos get their time in the spotlight!

As always, all photos on this site are courtesy of Happenstance Photography. If you need any product or food photography done, be sure to shoot him an email!

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