Exciting New Media Coverage

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Exciting New Media Coverage!

So, I’m a little late in blogging about this.. so you may have read about it on our Facebook albums already. If you’re a fan, anyway. If you’re not, what are you waiting for? 🙂


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I digress…

Anyway, a few months ago I got together with one of my favorite people, Jean from Violet’s Flowers to work on a project. We were both involved in putting together an article for an industry magazine, Flowers &. Flowers & Magazine is put out by Teleflora.

I wrote the magazine article, which was all about how to incorporate fresh flowers with high end fondant cake design. Written, of course, from the point of view of a caker.

I had an absolute blast designing and creating 4 cakes with Jean, which were then photographed by my husband, Michael from Happenstance Photography. Each cake was loosely themed around a season:

Winter: White cake with snowflakes and LED lights all over it, separated by lush blooms in shades of pink and white

Spring: Hot pink cake with flame colored tulips, kumquats, and split leaf philodendron.

Summer: Waves of white fondant wrapped around round tiers, hand painted green leaf accents, with fresh purple Vanda orchids “glued” on with frosting.

Autumn: Pale cocoa fondant, handpainted with orange-tinted cocoa. It was surrounded by a “cage” mad eof curly willow, and accented with chocolate colored fresh cymbidium orchids.

Anyway, the article came out at the beginning of October, and I’m THRILLED with it. 8 full pages, large gorgeous photos, and everything!

Check out our Facebook page for the full article!

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