Very cool… err, I mean.. “snygga”!

Every once in awhile, I like to go through my site stats, and see where our inbound links are coming from, etc.

There are always the usual suspects – wedding directories, media articles, etc etc.. but then there are always entries that raise my eyebrows. For instance, some of the search terms used to find this site.. there are always some really weird, random terms. Always good for a laugh.

Anyway, the “.se” domain designation on this one link ( caught my eye, and I had to investigate!

A blog entry in Sweden! In Swedish! How exciting! Unfortunately, my Swedish is limited to a few very crude, crass phrases (Thanks, Anders!), so I had to enlist the help of a friend in Delaware. You know, I really have no idea how people got by before the internet. I digress…

Anyway, “Maria-the-sickeningly-multilingual” (that’s my jealousy coming out!) was nice enough to translate for me:

” ‘The Star wars cake comes from here (embedded link) and the
Mario cake from Celebration Generation cakes. And when my
man and I get married I also want a cool cake like these’

The comments mostly say “cool cake” and “I love the Mario
Cake”. “snygga” means “stylish” or “way cool”. ”

Awesome. “Snygga”. My new word of the day!

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