AWESOME news!!!

We’ve had an exciting thing going on here for the past few weeks, and I’ve been dying to spill the news. Well, everything is all in place, so here goes!


YES! Hubby and I have always been big fans of Think Geek, so this has been an extra-difficult secret to keep. We are feeling so l337, it hurts!

Thinkgeek has always been my one-stop shop when it comes to gifts for my geek of a husband, and we both love perusing their print catalog *as soon as it arrives* at our house, scanning their website for cool new items, and figuring out cool uses for some of their unique offerings.

In fact, ThinkGeek was exactly what I had in mind as I developed my Jacked Up Java mixes! I’d already created one cake mix – and several cookie mixes. That was well enough on it’s own I guess, but we got into some evil megalomaniac brainstorming. “What can we create… that we could potentially get sold on ThinkGeek?”. THAT was the genesis of the Jacked up Java line, and it thrills me to no end that it was ThinkGeek themselves who eventually became our first wholesale client for the Jacked up Java line!

It’s been an interesting, surreal handful of weeks since I first heard back from their Caffeine Guru. (and I quote: “I need to buy mix right away. BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME. I am so wired from one of your “magic” brownies.”) Since that email, we’ve:

– Made an epic grocery run, picking up more than 900 lbs in dry goods. Definitely a record for us – I usually buy my ingredients on an as-needed basis, weekly!

– Individually labelled 400 pouches, by hand, front and back. My fingernails hate me – that was a lot of sticker-peeling!

– Processed that 900 lbs of dry goods into 400 mixes. In ~40 lb batches.

– Inhaled unhealthy amounts of cocoa and caffeine during the process.

– Bagged, sealed, crated, and hauled 920lbs worth of freight.

– Yes, FREIGHT! Had to take the lot of it to Blaine to ship as freight, something we’ve never had to do before. SO exciting! The 16 boxes were put onto a pallet and wrapped, while we took photos and giggled like schoolgirls as they drove it off on a forklift. See below!:

I cannot tell you what a huge relief it was to be done all that mixing, bagging, packing, and hauling.. and to see it be taken away! We shipped it as we were on our way to our a couple weeks ago, so the time off was doubly welcome. Especially the jacuzzi – hauling that much mix really does a number on the back!

On that note, I really should give a big affectionate shout out to my husband, who has been AMAZING throughout this whole process. From hauling the goods to the kitchen to spending LATE hours there with me, doing all of the weighing and bagging.. to hauling boxes, providing shoulder rubs when I need it, and more.. he’s just been wonderful. I married well!

So, that’s about it. They’re starting off with the brownie mix, but may end up picking up the cookie mix later. FYI ThinkGeek: our Jacked up Java cookies have a famous handful of fans : the Aces of Cakes themselves, the freaks over at Charm City Cakes in Baltimore. You know, just to name drop a little 🙂 I had sent a couple batches of the buzzworthy cookies to Mary Alice, as a thank you for a recent referral.. and got the coolest email comment ever:

“Oh my GOD. Everyone LOVED them. They made us go coocoo – in a good way. Those things are LOADED! We loved them thank you thank you thank you! You’re the sweetest! – Mary Alice Y.”

Just sayin, that’s all. 🙂

Anyway, I think I’ll cut this short before I go into full out ThinkGeek fangirling… 🙂

Check out our Jacked up Java Brownie Mix on the ThinkGeek site here: – Jacked Up Java Brownie Mixes @ ThinkGeek.

Check out the rest of our mixes (including the Jacked up Java cookie & Brownie mixes!) Here.

No matter which site you buy them from, enjoy responsibly! They make awesome gifts, too!

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  1. I’m a big fan of the Jacked up brownies! I like putting pb icing on them! I’ve ordered them from think geek a few times and I’m always pleased! They make a great morning snack to get me amped up!

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