You know what would be awesome..? #3

Man, who ever thought I’d actually be able to do a follow up to a “You Know What Would Be Awesome..?” post?

I mean, the whole point of that category is for be to babble on some of my weird ideas that are so wacky, they’d never be realized. No fruition expected!

Well, this past week was “The Affair”, formerly known as a the Twin Cities Chocolate Extravaganza. As was the case last year, the show featured a chocolate competition, overseen by the Pastry Professionals Association of MN.

Last year, I had grandiose plans for my 2 cake entries, but procrastinated / got distracted by higher priority stuff, and ended up just mailing it in with my entries. Total crap, and only earned me a certificate. This year, I planned to avoid that when I entered… but felt utterly uninspired by the theme: Animals. What was a girl to do?

Get weird with it.

So, after some thought, I decided to do a wedding cake based on the greatest monster movie of all time – Tremors. Grabboids are *totally* animals, right? LOL.

So check it out. A Tremors themed wedding cake!

The topper features Val & Earl’s truck being sucked into the ground.. Val in a sleeveless tuxedo tshirt and cowboy hat (as I imagined he’d wear if he were to get married!)..and Rhonda. Both cowering from a grabboid! So romantic.

The rest of the cake features 3 more grabboids, including the one that died when trying to chase Val & Earl through a concrete retaining wall. Yes!

I had been considering representing the 2nd-last-to-die grabboid – but I wasn’t sure the judges would appreciate “guts” on a wedding cake.

Hrmm.. I was pretty sure they wouldn’t appreciate a Tremors cake in general, so in hindsight.. maybe I shouldn’t have let that thought stop me!

In any case, they couldn’t have hated it too much – got me a silver medal for it! Woo!

Also, my favorite blogger featured the cake yesterday! Click here to check THAT out!

Now I just have to hope that next year’s theme is “plants”, so I have a good excuse to make a Triffids cake!

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6 thoughts on “You know what would be awesome..? #3

  1. I love it! My son is asking for a Tremors birthday cake and your cake is one of only 2 on the whole stinking internet I’m trying to use for inspiration. I wonder how a remake would look with my total lack of skills 😛

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