DIY Julep Rose Heart Arrangements

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DIY Julep Rose Heart Arrangements

When I got married, I was a seasoned and highly efficient event floral designer. Of course I was going to do my own arrangements! Hiring out wasn’t even a consideration – I’m very Type A, I knew exactly what I wanted, etc.

Even with my experience… if I had my time back, I definitely would have hired out, just to minimize that bit of extra stress the day of/day before. Would have liked to be enjoying time with the girls the morning of, not running a hot shower in the hotel room to coax some stubborn lilies open! I always recommend to hire a professional floral designer for your wedding.

Sometimes though, it’s just not in the budget, or not what the bride wants to do, for whatever reason. That’s fine.. but definitely requires some planning ahead! Try to design arrangements that will last several days, and pick sturdy flowers that don’t require a lot of special care.

Here is a cute, cost efficient floral arrangement that can be made several days ahead of your wedding! You can use these on each table (and the individual arrangements can double as guest favors!), or just on “special” tables.. the guest book table, etc. The instructions are for the arrangement as pictured – you can use less containers, and do a smaller heart if you’d like!

DIY Julep Rose Heart Arrangements

Per table, you will need:

– About 15 mini Mint Julep cups (plastic looks fine, and is cheap!)
– Ribbon to match your wedding/floral colors
– Floral foam (Oasis) for FRESH flowers (wet)
– Fresh cut flower food/nutrient, prepared in water per product directions
– Clear plastic floral tape (not the paper wire tape)
– 4 or 5 roses per cup
– Tiny filler flowers (we used wax flower)
– Greens of your choice

Before getting started with the actual floral design, you’ll want to prepare your cups. Tape or glue lengths of ribbon around the bottom of each cup. If it suits your wedding, they can be further decorated with rhinestones, etc.. and you can do this well in advance of the wedding.

Several days before the wedding, cut up your Oasis foam into chunks small enough to fit into the julep cups, but big enough to be snug. Soak them in your prepared water/floral food solution, then insert into the cups.

Use the floral tape in an “X” shape across the top of the foam to secure the foam in the cup. The greens will hide the edges of the tape on the cup rims.

Cut your greens into small pieces. Create a small “wreath” of greens around the edge of the cup by sticking the stems into the foam. Allow the greens to hang slightly over the edge of the cup.

Cut your filler flowers into small pieces. Stick them into the foam, creating another small wreath.

Trim your roses to about 3-4″ long stems, cutting the stems on an angle. Carefully stick your roses into the foam. Be careful where you place them – you shouldn’t remove them and reposition after you’ve stuck them in the foam once.

If there are any gaps in the arrangement, fill them with greens, and/or filler flowers.

Arrange the cups in a heart shape, scatter some flower petals on the table, and add some glass votive holders/candles for drama!

DIY Julep Rose Heart Arrangements

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