“You know what would be awesome..?” #5

When I was a young girl, one of my FAVORITE movies of all time was “Day of the Triffids”. Well, it was a BBC Mini Series… close enough! Anyway, I loved it. Loved it! I’d make triffid themed jewelry for myself (both paper and “friendly plastic” versions).. a paper mache.. erm, not sure what I’d call it. “Desktop Sculpture”, for lack of a better term? Paper cutout door decorations.. yeah, again.. I was a weird kid.

As an adult, through the wonder of Netflix, I was able to rent a different version of the movie… only to be sorely disappointed. (1962 version). My husband had never seen Triffids, and I’m sure he thought I was totally off my rocker when he watched it. Some day, I thought, we’ll get our hands on the version I liked as a kid.

Anyway, I *just* found out that the BBC has remade Day of the Triffids. (I read about it Here.)

First thought: *shrieking like an excited little girl*

Second thought: “Wait. Look what happened when “V” (another childhood favorite) got remade. Don’t get excited, this could be utter crap”.

So, hopefully I’m not getting prematurely excited about this, but I put WAY more confidence in the BBC (who did the version I liked in the first place), than the yahoos that remade V…

… and the clip looks AWESOME! Oh my lord! Could it actually turn out BETTER than the one I adored as a child? MAYBE! So exciting! I’m really happy that they redid the catalyst of the widespread blindness, also. Anyway, let me digress, before this just degrades into random, incoherent fangirling.

I would looove to do a Triffids themed wedding cake. Do I think anyone will ever hire me for one? Probably not. However, Triffids are plants (Flowers, even?)… and that opens up the possibilities for doing one as a contest showpiece. THAT would be awesome!

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