Star Awards: Didn’t win…. BUT..

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So if you follow us on twitter, you know the news already – we did not win the ISES Minnesota Star Awards. Ah well, kinda figured as much – such an odd category, “best use of food”… a single cake up against entire themed spreads of food was a long shot at best. I digress…

Anyway, photos and video will be coming in the next few days, along with a more proper blog about it all (you know, one I’m not banging out at 12:30 am as my feet feel like they’re gonna fall off!)… but I do want to share something. Well, two things actually. Two little events tonight that MADE MY DAY, and totally eclipsed the whole “losing” thing.

1. At the very beginning of the awards ceremony, the President of MN ISES came out on stage, decided against saying what she’d planned to say, and instead gave a hearty shout out to the Klingon Federation. We all just about fell out of our seats! Found out later that she is a card carrying geek of the DragonCon variety! Awesome!

2. As I’m not actually able to CHECK Twitter from my phone, I was excited to see what everyone had been saying as we were all tweeting from the event. One comment in particular stood out. In reply to my tweet: “bah, we lost to ‘sultry supper club'”, I got the following as a reply:

@burnunit @celebr8ngenr8ni’m not sayin, but it sure would be a shame if a certain supper club burned down in a hail of disruptor fire…

Is that not SERIOUSLY the best “Sorry you didn’t win!” brand of condolence message ever? It gets better though. “Burnunit” is one of the guys behind/in “Thaco, a hilariously awesome indie gamer flick. We caught a screening at Convergence back in July, and had to *immediately* buy it for my reformed D & D gamer of a hubby. So yeah. Best comment ever, from local geek royalty. Made my night!

Think we’re inspired enough to watch Thaco before passing out tonight (I’m still a little wired!), but had to share! All in all, seriously, it was an awesome night. The theme of the event may have been “Ritmo Caliente”, but the theme of OUR night was “Rockstars”.

My Klingons were TOTAL Rockstars.. you should have seen them. Everyone was asking for photos, talking to them about it all, just.. wow. A much warmer reception than I ever coulda hoped for! Also awesome? There are apparently a ton of closet case nerds and geeks in ISES, and they were outing themselves to my entourage all evening!

The cake we brought.. rockstar. Holy crap, especially the Mango Mojito – people went NUTS. As a result of THAT.. *I* got treated like a rockstar.

My tweeps, everyone who sponsored, everyone who cared enough to wish us well.. total rock stars. We’re all humbled by everything that’s happened leading up to tonight. Thank you!

And then, yeah, a rock star geek leaving a rock star of a message. Capped my evening off perfectly! Yup! All I need now is for Wil Wheaton to tweet about how he’s gonna leave a flaming bag of poop on someone’s doorstep on behalf of our loss, and I’ll be all set!

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