Far-flung Awesomeness of the Floral & Photography Varieties!

I haven’t been shy about my love for Twitter. It’s been great personally AND professionally. I’ve met a ton of awesome people… some virtually, some in person. Great stuff!

A few months ago, I started a collaboration with one of my twitter buds, @RBKCreations, who makes the most amazing bouquets out of felt, fabric, and buttons! I’m a huge fan of incorporating fun, unique touches in weddings, really personalizing them – and these bouquets really speak to me. Well, more like scream “WANT!!!” to me :). Absolutely adore her work.

The fruits of that venture will be blogged about in the next month or two. Her bouquets are such a unique art, I can’t resist giving you guys a sneak peek!

Of course, as we haven’t had our photo shoot yet, that means using someone else’s photos. What a happy coincidence – one of my favorite industry friends, @awesomebrandi, is a Texas based photographer that has worked with RBKCreations! All of the photos on this blog entry are courtesy of Brandi Thompson Photography.

Ariela (the bouquet art goddess!) and Brandi are both hilarious, intelligent, and wickedly talented. They’re definitely a couple of my tweeps that have made me curse distance, I’d love the chance to work with them in person! This will have to do for now, though.

Aren’t they amazing? I’ve never seen anything like them, and LOVE it! For the right bride / wedding, I think they’d make an amazing statement! Also love the permanence of them, always great to be able to cherish your wedding bouquet forever!

Ariela ships her bouquets pretty much anywhere. I’ve received two, and they arrived beautifully! In addition to following her on Twitter, you can also check out her site, Here, and shop online at her Etsy store, Here.

Brandi is based in Plano Texas. In addition to her Twitter feed, you can follow her work on her blog, Here, or check out her website Here. Be forewarned: One of her most recent blog entries was about a photo shoot at a kitten rescue, and it’ll almost certainly give you “baby” fever! So freaking adorable!

SO much talent, the both of them!

1 thought on “Far-flung Awesomeness of the Floral & Photography Varieties!

  1. Thanks so much for the post! You rock Marie! and so does @Awesomebrandi of course! She makes the bouquets look so amazing! Most of the bouquets in the photos above were custom orders or have been sold. So glad I have these photos to look back at!

    Can’t wait to share with the world our super cool project!

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