Far-flung awesomeness of the PUMPKIN variety!

You may remember the subject of today’s blog entry from my Valentine’s Day blog entry. Well, I have a really cool update. Also, I SWEAR I make this wedding related by the end of this entry!

From time to time, I blog about stuff that I find cool. It may be what someone did for their Save the Date, it may be a cool product, or an awesomely talented artist. I don’t get asked for those blog entries, I don’t get paid for them. I just blog it because I find it cool, and – assuming you find *me* interesting enough to read my blog – I figure you’ll find it cool too! “Birds of a Feather” and all… 🙂

Alex, the ridiculously gifted artist behind The Pumpkin Geek is one of those insanely talented people I tend to “meet” on Twitter. I can’t remember how I came to follow him, but once I saw his work, I was an immediate fan! If you haven’t seen what he does, be sure to peruse his site – he carves the most intricate, geeky Jack o’Lanterns ever! They’re all from fake pumpkins, so you can treasure the art indefinitely!

Where I’m usually lucky to receive a “hey, thanks!” email (which I totally appreciate!), Alex shocked the SHIT out of me by mailing me a custom carved mini pumpkin – featuring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine – to thank me for the blog!

If you know me at all, you know that I shrieked like a little girl when I found out. I have a big crazy thing for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Not so much a crush as.. hrm. I don’t know. I find the character oddly relatable in some ways, and inspiring in other ways. That, and seriously.. I’d kill for Hugh Jackman’s delts. I have a BIG poster of him downstairs in my gym for exactly that reason!

Alex asked for my mailing address, to send me postcards and business cards. Given how much I fangirlled out about his work, I didn’t think anything of it. He wasn’t able to keep up the ruse for long, though, and ended up spilling the beans – he’d carved me a mini, 5″ pumpkin, and needed my mailing address for THAT reason.

Well, I don’t think I’ve been so excited to go to the post office in my life.

I make my morning mail runs about an hour before the “we will have all of the mail sorted to the boxes” time. When there was nothing in my box the day I THOUGHT it would be in, I went ahead and took my parcels to the counter to ship, feeling a bit disappointed. Asked if I could bug them to check if there were any parcels back there for me. Here’s how that went down:

USPS Guy: “Oh, are you expecting for something in the mail?”
Me: “YES!!”
USPS guy smiles, goes to the back, comes out with a box
Me: Shrieked, clasped my hands over my mouth, literally did a happy dance, and generally looked like a goof.
USPS guy, looking at the box as he hands it to me
“WHO is “The Pumpkin Geek”?”

So he got out a box cutter and was nice enough to open the box for me, while I was giddy as a kid on Christmas morning. He passed the box to me, and I gingerly dug out the packing peanuts, etc, fishing out my cute little mini pumpkin.

USPS Guy: “What is THAT?”
Me: “OMG it’s Hugh Jackman!!! As WOLVERINE!!!! AWESOME!!!”

To be fair, looking at the unlit pumpkin, you really can’t tell WHAT it is. I knew exactly what the picture had looked like, and even I was having a hard time seeing it. Alex carves the pumpkins at multiple levels of depth, so while I was seeing “uncut” solid color (textured), and space.. it didn’t look like much.

So, we had to plug it in. I love my USPS guys, they’re always so nice and accommodating. This one offered to find an outlet to check this out.

There was one on the wall behind the counter, so he plugged it in, and OMG. It was awesome. We all – the USPS guys, me, and a few other customers – had to stand back and ooh and ahh over it a bit. The lighting (supplied with the pumpkin), REALLY brought the whole thing to life. Here is my carve, lit up:

Isn’t that the coolest thing ever?

The thing that gets me… and this is coming from someone completely incapable of carving a decent looking Halloween pumpkin (triangle eyes and crooked zig zag smiles all the way!)… is HOW does he do it? I mean, when you’re carving a normal pumpkin, carving all the way through, you see what’s happening as you go. Just look at a close up of the detail in this:

I mean, seeing the lit up pumpkin is awe inspiring enough as it is… but then you realize he’s got to be pretty much flying blind as he carves it! I know my ability to visualize things is more developed than most, but this just blows me away. Completely. Absolutely sick amount of talent, this guy has!

The other day, he put out a request for pics of fans with their carves. As you may know, I *hate* getting my pic taken. I’ve turned down interview requests over it, I pretty much only trust my husband and Katrina from Studio Laguna Photography with it, and even then, I pretty much only allow a camera in my face.. maybe 3-4x per year. Yeah.

Well, I’m so thrilled with the unexpected gift, I did the honorable thing, sucked up my pride, and let my husband photograph my ugly mug with the pumpkin. Least I could do, this was awesome. Completely awesome. Never seen anything like this in my life, and I have it prominently displayed in my office now.

But I couldn’t resist photoshopping in some claws.

If you’re looking for a custom carved Pumpkin, Alex can do *anything*, and offers them at a much lower price than I would have imagined possible – they start at $100! I know he has a special going for the next couple weeks, be sure to get ahold of him if you’re interested!

You know, I try to keep these blogs at least tangentially related to weddings, so…

These would make AWESOME wedding gifts for your favorite geeky couple. If they’re not as camera phobic as I am, maybe have their engagement portrait carved for them? Otherwise, an “Enterprise” pumpkin, their favorite sci fi characters – he’s even done a carve of House! – would definitely be a stand out gift. I’d almost guarantee that a custom pumpkin carve would pretty much be re-gift proof!

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  1. I forgot to mention – my pumpkin was a 5″ carve – the first he’d done, and it’s not something he offers.

    His $100ish carves are on MUCH bigger pumpkins!

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