Cake Toppers: They don’t have to be as horrible as you think!

This blog entry is going to be a unique one for me – a positive blog entry about something I normally hate!

Yes, I am vehemently, rabidly anti-cake toppers. 99% of the time, I find toppers to look cheesy, cheap, and TOTALLY out of place on a cake. Most of the readily-available toppers in stores all look the same as they did 20 years ago, and they all sort of look the same. Yawn. They go completely against my belief that a wedding should be personalized, and truly reflect the couple.

Aside from the stand-alone cheese factor, the other thing that gets me is that they’re very rarely used in a way that complements the design of the cake. I’ve got almost 20 years of old school design experience, so things like jarring breaks in form, line, color.. it just gets to me.

I prefer toppers to be an extension of the cake design itself, usually made from the same materials. Sugar flowers that are also used throughout the cake design, not just plunked on top, for instance. An unbroken, balanced continuation of the design, seamlessly executed. If such a continuation isn’t possible – for whatever reason – I much prefer to have NO topper, whatsoever.

It IS, however, possible to incorporate a topper into the cake without it being cheesy OR jarring! It takes a little creativity, planning, and a talented cake designer.. but it can definitely work. Here are the two key points to remember:

1. It must be a nice topper, ideally custom – and preferably unique. There is absolutely no way to make an off-the-shelf Wilton topper uncheesy. Ironic, maybe.. but not uncheesy. Sorry. I’m blunt, but I speak the truth! Do you really want your great aunt Bertha beaming at the memory of seeing that same topper atop her own cake?

2. Contrary to the normal order of things.. you really need to choose such a topper first, and DESIGN THE CAKE AROUND IT. Do NOT try and plop a custom topper on top of any wedding cake design, it won’t work. Incorporate the colors, themes, and general feel of your topper into the cake, and it will be much more coherent, pleasing to the eye, and YOU.

Where to find such a topper? WELL! I went on a “cute topper finding mission” this morning, and I have a load of inspiration and contacts for you, dear readers. Some are quite epic!

Let me say this… when it comes to finding talented artists to create truly unique toppers, is a GOLDMINE! The vast majority of the toppers below are from Etsy. Let’s get started, shall we?

First up, we have “Fliepsiebieps”, from The Hague, Netherlands.

I love how adorable these custom polymer clay toppers are, and – as a cake artist – would love the opportunity to design an adorable cake around these. I love the use of color, and the lines that this artist uses. I think these toppers would be an adorable keepsake on a bookshelf, mantle, or whatever for years to come – but then, that sentiment really applies to any well done, custom topper!

Fliepsiebieps has several means of contact listed:

Etsy: “Fliepsiebieps”


This next artist. “buildersstudio”, just completely blows me away.. and I’m not even in to Steampunk!

I can’t get over the insane amount of detail that goes into these “robot” steampunk wedding cake toppers. Sick. Amazing! Love it!

I don’t even know what else to say.

Etsy: Etsy:


The interesting thing about this next artist, “splendorlocity”, is that they mess with those awful premade toppers… and manages to make them about as acceptable as they’re gonna get!

Check them out on Etsy:


The artist who makes these ADORABLE toppers, “kikuike”, is based in Japan. So cute! I think a cake based around any of these would be adorable, and completely memorable!

Check them out on Etsy:

Check them out on Flickr:


Lets go from adorable, to COMPLETELY BIZARRE.

I honestly have no idea what to say about these. Definitely memorable, at the very least! As with many of the custom toppers I’m featuring.. it would be great for the right couple, and the right cake design!

These toppers are made by pouring liquid casting clay into multiple molds, chopping them up, and then rearranging body parts before glazing & firing them. It’s like… “The Cake Toppers of Dr Moreau”. Awesome!

Megan Bogonovich‘s work has been featured on Martha Stewart Weddings, Design Sponge, as well as Style Me Pretty

Check them out on Etsy:

Check out artist’s website:


I think that’s enough for one blog entry. Stay tuned for a part 2!

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