Gorgeous Wedding Bouquet with… Lego? Awesome.

VERY short and sweet blog entry today!

I just saw a blog entry that Ariela at RBK Creations just posted. Fell in love, had to share!

You may recall RBK Creations from our blog entry, “Far-flung Awesomeness of the Floral & Photography Varieties“. If not, here’s the basic scoop: Met her on Twitter, she’s located in Texas, and she makes the most ridiculously awesome fabric and button wedding florals. Love them! (No, this is not a paid ad or anything!)

Of all the bouquet styles she does, my favorites are the felt ones, especially when there are bright colors involved. I’m a sucker for teal & purple… so when I saw those two colors, in my favorite style.. WITH LEGOS.. I had to post! Isn’t it awesome? Here’s some contact info if you want to revel in her awesomeness more closely – like with your own set!

Website: www.rbkcreations.com
Twitter: @RBKCreations
Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/reallybadkitty
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RBKCreations

1 thought on “Gorgeous Wedding Bouquet with… Lego? Awesome.

  1. You are too sweet! I was hoping you would see this photo! There is so much more awesome-ness to this set of bouquets. And Brandi is shooting the wedding! Can’t wait to show more!

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