Showing off the “Mad Skillz” a bit… Ganesh Cake!

With all of the time spent working on my new book “The Spirited Baker”, and now working up to the release of it… well, there hasn’t been a lot of cake being created here… Well, now I have one to share!

This cake was made for one of my geeky tweeps. Her husband and her have had a running joke about a “Ganache Ganesh” for years. (Ganache being the thick chocolate filling that truffles are made from). She jumped at the chance to make their in-joke a reality, and planned to present him with a birthday cake of epic proportions. I am pleased to present “The Ganache Ganesh”!

This cake is entirely edible, aside from a couple dowels/wires in the extremities. The base and most of Ganesh’s body is made from our B-52 flavor cake:

“Not only delicious, this cake is a visual delight when sliced! Alternating layers of blood orange and mocha cake are filled with alternating layers of Irish Cream Mousse and Blood Orange chocolate truffle ganache!”


The rest of the cake is sculpted from Rice Krispies.

Watching the comments come in on Twitter and facebook has been great! A few of my favs:

“Wow, I had to convince my husband that was a cake.”

“That is possibly the coolest cake EVAR, and then the name makes it even better. More pics please!”

” “Look at your man. Now look at me. Is your man covered in fondant?” need an occasion to get @Celebr8nGenr8n to make that one. 😀 “

” That is amazing! The secret ingredient is obviously insane amounts of awesome. Well done.”

” I love your cakes. Love and hate..cuz they’re gorgeous…but then it makes me crave your delicious cake.”

Thank you kindly, everyone! It was a lot of work, but the pics and reactions make it SO worth it!

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7 thoughts on “Showing off the “Mad Skillz” a bit… Ganesh Cake!

  1. This is blasphemous in Hinduism, where an image of Ganesh-ji IS Ganesh-ji. I was yelled at by a Hindu woman for even considering making an edible Ganesh-ji. “He’s a god!” she exclaimed in outrage. “You don’t eat him!”

    1. I thought about that, however… I was raised Catholic. Partaking in ”The blood and body of Christ” was encouraged – on a weekly basis.

      Anyone can find offense in anything. This particular incarnation of a Ganesh-ji brought a lot of happiness to a lot of people.

      1. Oh, I know, and we do theophagy in my religion too (though the bread is considered a god before it’s even harvested in that case). But not, apparently, in Hinduism. I’m not even saying *I* was offended by it, just that it would be offensive to (at least some) Hindus.

        1. Actually my Hindu coworkers loved it and one even used it as her phone’s wallpaper for a while. None of them found any issues with the fact it was a cake, that we ate it, and even thought it was funny that my bday was the day before the major festival to Ganesh.

          On the other hand… a Hindu coworker of a friend of mine did find it objectionable, but that person tends to have a more severe view point of the world.

          So in the end… your mileage may vary…

  2. My other comment is in Moderation, and I’m not actually surprised that it is. But I did want to say that, despite the objections given there, that cake is truly beautiful. Amazingly so, in fact.

    It just should be prayed to, not eaten, and on the right day allowed to dissolve in running water.

      1. Good to know, but I wouldn’t blame you for having set ‘blasphemous’ as a Word Of Power (as we call them on another website). Lots of comments with that word in them would be offensive!

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