Hop Flavored Beer Lollipops Recipe – LolliHOPS!

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Hop Flavored Beer Lollipops

This morning, I took a pretty nasty fall. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been dealing with a particularly stubborn hip injury. Long story short, I spent the day first in extreme pain, then high as a kite on Codeine.

Why am I telling you this? Well, it had a big part in inspiring today’s recipe! They say “In Vino veritas” (In wine, truth). Yeah, well… In Codeine, Inspiration!

As you may or may not know, my husband has been enthusiastically enjoying his newest hobby, homebrewing. He got right into it this year, going so far as to grow his own hops! He loves his beer like he loves his chocolate – bitter as all hell, with intense flavor. I decided to use his home grown hops to flavor chocolate. Check out our blog tomorrow or Thursday for our Hop Truffles recipe!

By the time he got home from work, I had started making a second idea that sort of mutated off the idea of Hop truffles. You see, our Jalapeno Beer Brittle is proving to be an insanely popular recipe from our recently released cookbook, “The Spirited Baker: Intoxicating Desserts & Potent Potables“. What if I bastardized that recipe, added hops to flavor it even more, and made hop flavored beer lollipops out of it? LolliHOPS!!

Well, I made, I saw, I conquered – and my husband is a very, very happy man! These were incredibly easy to make, anyone can make them at home!

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Fan of hops? You’ll LOVE my latest cookbook, Hedonistic Hops!

Hops are prized for their ability to impart varied, complex flavours to beer… but did you know they can also be used culinarily? While hops may seem like a bizarre or exotic item to cook with, it’s the same as using other herbs and spices in your kitchen… you just have to know what to do with them. Appetizers, main dishes, beverages.. even desserts can be uplifted with hops!

Even those who are not fans of beer will love the unique flavours that various types of hops can bring to their plate. Floral, earthy, peppery, citrusy… Cooking with hops is a great way to expand your seasoning arsenal!

Interested in boozy culinary experiments? You’ll LOVE my first cookbook, The Spirited Baker!

Combining liqueurs with more traditional baking ingredients can yield spectacular results.Try Mango Mojito Upside Down Cake, Candy Apple Flan, Jalapeno Beer Peanut Brittle, Lynchburg Lemonade Cupcakes, Pina Colada Rum Cake, Strawberry Daiquiri Chiffon Pie, and so much more.

To further add to your creative possibilities, the first chapter teaches how to infuse spirits to make both basic and cream liqueurs, as well as home made flavor extracts! This book contains over 160 easy to make recipes, with variation suggestions to help create hundreds more! Order your hard copy here, or digital edition here.

8 thoughts on “Hop Flavored Beer Lollipops Recipe – LolliHOPS!

    1. Hops would be necessary for them to be hop flavored, but you can make beer flavored lollipops without the hops.

      If you want hops, though, just look up your local beer/wine making store!

  1. 5 stars
    Hello Marie! I stumbled across your website after having a dream last night. I am lucky enough to be involved in a brewery start up in Texas so, to say the least, beer has been on my mind! Anyways i had a dream about a beer lollipop made out of the sweet wort (not sure if pre boil or post boil with the hop flavoring would be better). Have you ever tried anything like this? Also, how were your lollipops? Very bitter? Anyways I really like your website, I need to explore it a little more but I definitely want to continue the experimenting! Cheers from Texas!

    1. Hi Jessica,

      I’ve not tried making lollipops out of the wort, but it could definitely work. I’ll give it a try, next brew day!

      The bitterness of the hops was offset by the sugars in this lollipop, so it had a ton of flavor without being super bitter. My husband loved them, and he’s a huge fan of bitter, hoppy beers. I don’t personally even like beer, and I enjoyed the flavor of these as well!

      Hope this helps, slàinte!

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