The Predator, with his cake!

Remember that time I made a Klingon Bird of Prey cake, and got photos of the fully-costumed Klingons cutting it with a Batleth weapon? I have similarly cool/geeky cake cutting photos today!

I have a friend, Todd, who is well known locally as “The Predator”. No, not for anything gross, but for his costuming prowess. He routinely dresses up as The Predator for Conventions and special events, and looks great!

In fact, I was gonna bring him as my date to an event, in costume. Received an event invite from a local business person who’d badmouthed me and my business, and it got back to me. Yes, the one who said I was throwing it all “down the toilet” by cavorting with Klingons. Whatever. She’d made the mistake of referring to “creative fashion appreciated” on the invite for her chi-chi “NYC style” event, so I figured “The Predator” woulda been fun. In the end, A.) I figured she was probably baiting me, and B.) I’m not fond of spending much time with wannabes and pretentious fake people, so I didn’t go. I can get by on the mental images of what coulda been, though!

Yes, it could have been delicious, but I digress. Todd hosted a room party at a local horror movie convention this weekend, so we planned to do a small cake for the event. I think I’ll let the photos do the talking for me 🙂

Seriously, how badass is that costume?

We had a great time hanging out, chatting, and trying to convince Todd to take up pole dancing in that getup. Seriously, it would be epic! His guests loved the cake, and it was fun to see all the double-takes that happened when “the cake” was mentioned. One person walked right by it, looked at it, kept looking around and asked us where the cake was! Awesome.

One final pic, as it’s something we get asked about a lot:

This is what the interior of our cakes look like – all edible! Due to the popularity of cake shows on TV, a lot of people are under the assumption that carved/crazy cakes are all done in stryrofoam and other inedible materials. Not so! we are proud to have our cakes be made from real, delicious ingredients!

Aside from the main body of the cake, the dreadlocks were made from fondant covered Twizzlers, and there was a small amount of Rice Krispie treat supporting the back of the dreadlocks from underneath. All tasty!

2 thoughts on “The Predator, with his cake!

  1. That definitely was a cool cake, and the pictures look great. I liked the idea of cutting it with my wristblades. It beats trying to slice it with a plasma cannon, another popular Predator weapon.

    I would have had fun as your date at the chi-chi NYC-style fashion event, but they probably would have kicked me out as soon as they noticed sweat dripping out of my costume. It gets really hot and sweaty in there.

    Thanks again for the cake!

  2. I’m assuming we would have gotten kicked out on sight regardless, as I’m STILL not sure why I ended up with an invitation.

    I’m not sure how much I ever told you about the whole deal, but basically… she badmouths me to people, yet has NEVER EVER contacted me. Not at all-email, phone, twitter, etc. Well, she did block me from Twitter, telling someone I know that she did so because she has important people who follow her, and doesn’t want them to judge her by MY follow? Yeah.

    Anyway, so yeah. I’ve never even met her. That emailed invite – from her, no note or any personalization – was emailed directly from her to me. It’s the first and ONLY contact I’ve ever received from her.

    I don’t get it. If you’re gonna send an invite to someone you’re badmouthing, I’d assume it would be to sort of “make nice”, right? But if you were trying to make nice, you’d think there would be some sort of personalized comment in the email, like “Hey Marie, I’m sorry that I gossip about you, you seem cool and I’d like to meet you, hope you can make it to this!”. Right? Or am I weird? I just don’t get people sometime… and there are some especially bizarre people in the event industry… and not the nerdy/geeky bizarre that I’m comfortable with!!

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