Obligatory “I’m not as Scroogey as I sound!” Holiday Music Post

This morning, I woke up, rolled out of bed, and stumbled to my computer as I normally do. As also dictated by this unwavering morning ritual of mine, the first thing I did was tune in to my favorite radio station online.

There’s a good reason that it’s my favorite station: It heavily peppers its rotation with eurodance, and its “acceptable music to crap music” ratio is far better than any other radio station I’ve ever come across. Oh, and you know.. they realize that Christmas is in DECEMBER. They don’t assault their listeners with the same horrid holiday music that seems to start up in stores in… October.

My brain was still booting up for the day, when I realized that I was listening to something that I had not heard in awhile. 10 months, maybe… this was Adam Sandler. Uh oh… checked the calendar.. yup. It’s December. While Adam Sandler’s “Hanukkah Song” is in my extremely short list of “Acceptable” holiday music, it did tell me something: my online aural haven has been compromised for the remainder of the year.

So, I did what I normally do when confronted by the sort of information that causes my brow to furrow: I whined on Twitter. Ya know what? I’m not alone, by any stretch. Here we are, December 1st, and many people are already Christmas music-ed out!

I’ll admit it: I’m not the biggest fan of the holidays. It’s so commercial. It’s so stressful. One minute I’m watching a car commercial that claims “no one ever wishes for a smaller holiday gift” (barf), the next I’m being corrected on my choice of holiday greeting. I can’t go to the mall if I need something, because that kind of crowd/noise will send me into an anti social stupor for a week. Oh, and seriously, the bell ringers at my local grocery store? The ringing headaches drive me to some fairly violent thoughts, LOL! I’m also not a fan of societal pressure to spendspendspend.

Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty about the holiday season that I DO enjoy. I like creating and giving gifts. I love baking for friends and family. I love putting up our Christmas tree solely as a gift/play structure for our cats, and drinking egg nog in front of the fire with my husband… oh, but how I hate holiday music!

Until this morning, this was the entirety of my “Acceptable Holiday Music” list:

“Merry F^%ing Christmas” – South Park
“The Hanukkah Song” – Adam Sandler
“What Child is This” – The Nylons
“The First Noel” – Crash Test Dummies

That’s it, that’s all. 4 songs… and only ONE ever gets radio play!

So today, I decided that I would challenge myself to find 12 songs – an acceptable number to constitute an album/playlist – of holiday music that I actually like. You know what? I managed to do just that – there is way more eurodance holiday music available than I would have guessed. Apparently my long-held belief that a little oontz will fix anything holds true, even with regards to holiday music!

Enjoy the list, all embedded as youtube videos!

Temperance: Do you know it’s Christmas?

Ah, I love Temperance. They had some great singles out in the mid-late nineties, my favorites were covers of “Lost in Love” and “Forever Young”.

Whigfield: Last Christmas

Remember Whigfield? She had some great hits in the 90s as well – most known for “Saturday Night”, and “Think of You” , but I was particularly fond of “Another Day”.

ICE MC: It’s Christmas Day

I love Ice MC. Their two biggest hits, “It’s a Rainy Day” and “Think About The Way” are favorites on every mix CD and “workout mix” I load onto my MP3 player for the gym. This song is a reworking of “It’s a Rainy Day”, and it works surprisingly well!

Basshunter: Jingle Bells

Basshunter is kind of awesome. His first two hits – sung in his native language, Swedish – were about an IRC bot and playing Warcraft III, respectively. Geeked out electronica! Gotta respect that!

Breakout Sister: White Christmas

Never heard of this group before, but I’m digging this song.

DJ Demonixx – Carol of the Bells

This is the only song on my whole list that I’ve actually heard played on the radio. Love it, even if it doesn’t enjoy the same rotation as – ugh – Mariah Carey.!

Yumm Yumm – Super Duper Christmas

This song sounds – and looks – like something Aqua would do. Good for a bit of perky, happy silliness.

Melanie Thornton – Do you Hear what I hear?

Ah, Melanie Thornton. What a voice! She was the lead vocalist for “La Bouche” – I’m told that a few of their hits actually were played here in the USA back in the day. “Be My Lover” and “Sweet Dreams” were probably the best known. RIP, Melanie.

Scooter – White Christmas, FIRE!

If you’re not already a fan of Scooter, this video won’t get funny til about 2 minutes in. For the rest of us… man, he’s wearing a tux. LOL!

Los Del Rio – Macarena Christmas

It’s the Macarena. Of COURSE I have to include it. If I ever needed an excuse to break into an embarassing rendition of this hated linedance (hint: I don’t!)… eggnog would be it!

DJ Lycan – Christmas Techno

Quite nice.

Mr President – Christmas Today

I have no idea if “Coco Jambo” got popular down here, but I Loooooved it. This song is great, too.

Whoa.. there is a CHRISTMAS version of Coco Jambo!

Well, there’s my list. Yes, a lot of them are silly and/or corny… I think it’s a great balance for all the stress and pressure of the season, no?

It’s a shame that almost none of these enjoy radio play… ah well. What are your favorites – on list, or otherwise?

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4 thoughts on “Obligatory “I’m not as Scroogey as I sound!” Holiday Music Post

  1. I find it amusing that as I’m scrolling through your list, the only artist that jumped out at me as “Oh, I’ve heard of that one” is the one you say you’ve never heard of. And yet, I tend to like the music you link when I click through.

  2. I am your opposite. I love Christmas music. The weirder, the better, but I also love a lot of traditional stuff. I’m doing a once-a-week peek into my Christmas music collection for the next 4 weeks over on my blog…you might be interested in some. This week I did traditional, so I don’t know if anything will appeal to you from that list, but next week I’m planning “less traditional”, the following week will be “the kitschy, the creepy, and the weird”, and the last week will be “seasonal but not specifically holiday”, I think.

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