Maple Butter Tarts

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Maple Butter Tarts!

As I’d mentioned back in my Poutine recipe post, my coming out of the closet as an immigrant has had quite the positive effect on this blog. You now have my poutine recipe, a crazy original recipe for Pumpkin Spice Nanaimo Bars, as well as my original (was stil closeted at the time!) recipe post for Mocha Nanaimo Bars.

Well, today I’d like to introduce you to another delicacy from my homeland – Butter Tarts!

Yep, these are the goodies mentioned in Len’s “Steal my Sunshine” (in the radio version, anyway, not this video!). They’ve been around forever, and you can get them anywhere in Canada… Tim Horton’s.. gas stations.. even boxes of factory made ones, sort like Little Debbie stuff.

Because they’ve been around forever, there are about a million versions of it. Some use brown sugar, some use white… most use corn syrup, I use maple… you get the idea.

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Butter Tarts

Butter Tarts

With 2017 being Canada’s 150th birthday, it’s about time I wrote the Canadian cookbook I’ve been planning for YEARS.

“More than Poutine” will be a Canadian cookbook like no other – written by a Canadian living away, it includes both traditional homecooking recipes, as well as homemade versions of many of the snacks, sauces, convenience foods, and other food items that are hard to come by outside of Canada! High quality gluten-free versions of most recipes are included.

“More Than Poutine” is available for purchase, here.

4 thoughts on “Maple Butter Tarts

  1. I have to share this comment from Twitter, it kinda made my day. From @geekylyndsay:

    “Butter tarts? You just outed yourself as Canadian. I mean I knew but you may as well put on your toque man”

  2. 5 stars
    This looks like a nice little dessert. I’m curious, though, what’s accomplished by creaming the butter/sugar/syrup/eggs, if you are just going to melt all the fat to liquid right away?

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