Buying a House is Like Planning a Wedding.

As I look through the huge stack of papers related to buying our house – budgets, receipts, color swatches, contracts… and as I realize how EVERYTHING in our life has come to revolve around this move – it strikes me. Buying a house is an awful lot like planning a wedding. Actually, in a lot of cases, it’s a similar amount of money being spent. (I know, it’s gross.). Hear me out!

You shop around for a venue, like you do for a house. A lot of the considerations are the same for both – Is it big enough for your needs? Parking? Is the location convenient? Does it feel right for YOU – your style, etc. Depending on your tastes, you may really need to shop around. My husband and I? We bought the first house we looked at… and we booked the first venue we looked at!

We had to shop around for windows, as all of our windows need replacing. They’ll be there for a while, and serve a purpose. We have to compare price, delivery options, styles, and more. What’s the best compromise between “affordable upfront” and “looks good” and will be something we’ll be happy with down the line? What styles look good now, but are also timeless and won’t look super dated in 10 years. Well, same with your photographer.

Then, there is the home security system. There are so many options to compare. Different systems, features, prices… even different prices for the same damn thing. For the same basic building blocks of equipment, different companies have wildly different ideas of how to interpret your needs, how to use their equipment to MEET those needs. Some will try to sell you WAY more than you need, and it’ll likely just be cumbersome and in the way. Some companies are great, and almost intuitively know exactly what you want and need. They have a simple, elegant solution, and are easy to work with. You know. Like shopping for a floral designer.

Once the windows are in and the place is secure, well, our options can be as easy or crazy as we make them from there. What colors are we using, where? Do we send “we moved!” postcards? How about the curtains? New appliances? Renovate the kitchen?

Well.. there are your save the date cards, table linens, etc. You can leave things “as is”, but you may want a little personalization (table runners, some new paint on the walls!), you may want to go nuts (custom linens! Chair covers! Sashes for the chair covers! Paint the WHOLE house, get new carpets, etc).

You pour over magazines. You watch reality tv shows about other couples going through the same thing you are. You find yourself saying ridiculous things like “What does this color SAY about us?”. All of the companies/agencies you had to contact about the name change with the wedding? Now it’s for a change of address.

Amid all of the stress, running around, and the groaning noises coming from your wallet… it’s a time of looking ahead, and dreaming of possibilities. Strolling through department stores to look at appliances and new bedding to match the new walls? Reminds me of when we set up our wedding registry! We imagine our first dinner together in our new house. Waking up in a new room. You know.. generally looking forward to our NEW-new life together!

At this point, however? I’m kinda sick of fussing over the details, hoping that I have enough time to get everything done before the big day. I kinda want the whole thing to be DONE, so we can get on with the “honeymoon”, and on to life after the wedding / move!

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  1. Whether you’re buying a house together or planning a wedding, the important thing to remember when the stress level gets high is that in the end it’s all about walking hand in hand with your partner.

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