Livingroom / Diningroom Design Plans

I’m supposed to be working right now. I procrastinate on the best of days… but this whole house purchase has made my ADD-addled attention span even worse. SO… I’m gonna share my livingroom / dining rooms pics and plans with you!

First off, here is what we are starting with:

The room in the foreground will be the dining room, the room towards the back of the photo will be the living room.

My distraction this morning started when I decided to photoshop a couple pics of the living / dining rooms to see what it will look like when painted. I couldn’t find the actual paint samples online, but these are pretty close to the colors we chose:

I have no idea what we’re gonna do with that little white strip between the two rooms, but neither of us like the idea of leaving it white. Aside from that, I’m really excited about the living room. I love hardwood, and the floors are in really good shape. I love that gorgeous dark trim. For the past several years, we’ve been living with a blue carpet, white walls, and seafoam green curtains that we brought along from our last place. Nothing matches, I hate the blue carpet… etc.

The walls in the new house need a fair amount of work, though. There is at least 1 layer of wallpaper in there, that’s been painted over. It’s cracking and peeling around some of the trim / windows. We found a fabulous contractor to barter with, so he’ll be fixing a lot of what the house needs. The previous owners apparently LOVED popcorn finish, for example. All the ceilings have it, the ceiling in my husband’s new office is not only covered with it, so is the edging/moulding around the ceiling. Yuck. Also, our new bedroom? Not only the ceilings, but the WALLS are covered with it as well, then painted over. Our two offices need wallpaper removed. Etc. Yup, lots of work. More on that in future entries, though!

So, where was I? We’re having the walls fixed & painted, probably having the popcorn removed… & keeping the flooring and trim.

We liked the idea of having the 2 rooms painted different colors, but tying them together with common design elements. So, the curtains will be the same throughout the two. The photo below is of the fabric I’ll be making them out of:

Not the best picture… but the smooth, shiny satin one will serve as a “blackout” type liner, while the crinkly one will be the decorative curtains, facing in to the room. They’re both almost the same color – the room color will almost exactly match the satin – but the crinkle fabric has a little bit of wine colored sheen to it. VERY subtle… but it’ll look nice in both rooms, and tie them together.

We found an insane deal on gorgeous burnished brass look curtain rods on Craigslist, ($10 each, retail $50+ each!) and some gold silk cushions on clearance at Sears for like $7 each. Score! So, we decided that we’ll have some subtle metallic accents in both rooms. Here is the type of ceiling fixture we bought for both rooms:

That’s the dining room light… the living room one is the same style, but doesn’t have that drop to it. It’s more flush with the ceiling (I have no idea what the technical terms are!).

Here is what our sectional looks like (Photo ripped from Hom Furniture’s site!):

We never did find a coffee table set that went with this, so we’ve been using a plain black “Lack” IKEA coffee table. FAR from ideal, but we just sold the set to buy this GORGEOUS set I found on Craigslist:

Seriously, photos don’t do it justice AT ALL. Pristine condition, gorgeous woodwork… $100 for the full 4 piece set (has 2 of the square tables)! I just about fell over when I saw the condition they were in! Eventually – when we’ve recovered from the expense of the purchase/move – we’re gonna look for an entertainment stand & formal dining room table set that matches it.

So.. that’s our plan for the living room. I just emailled my virtually “painted” photos to my husband, who is now equally excited about the colors. Can’t WAIT! Every day, we’re one day closer to the big move. It’ll be so great to move in to a house that’s already fixed up and painted. You know. Aside from our awful kitchen and bathroom!

2 thoughts on “Livingroom / Diningroom Design Plans

  1. I actually kinda like the white strip! But probably only in the pictures 😉
    Typically, you make that strip the colour of the room that you want to extend into the other, in terms of feeling, for example.

    So if you want the living room mood to carry into the dining room, you’d make the strip blue. This would be my suggestion 😉 Also, don’t forget to look at it from each angle… from the living room looking to the dining room and vice versa. That should help with the decision too.

    Also, don’t forget that you’re doing 2 paint coats so you should choose a colour 2 chips or so less dark than the colour you want, or you’ll end up with super dark walls (which makes a room look/feel smaller and more depressing).

  2. Marie,

    I have an entertainment center and a china cabinet that are currently sitting in my garage gathering dust. If you are interested in seeing if they fit your needs, I would LOVE to show them to you.

    I also have a full size microwave if you are in need.

    Let me know…

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