Another Check-in: House and Sanity Updates

AUGH I am losing my mind. Some quick updates:

1. Art show cake is finished, photographed, and photos are off to the event coordinator! Woo! Something off my plate!

2. Major curtains are finished! Did the monster curtains for the bedroom on Saturday, they’re gorgeous. All I have left to do are 2 wide (but short!) curtains for the front entryway, and 2 smallish curtain sets for the 2 skylights in the bedroom. In the interest of preserving sanity, we’ll probably just tape something up until after the Food & Wine show on March 5-6… I just don’t have 2 spare brain cells to run together til then! I’m considering this “off my plate” in the meantime”.

To be honest, I don’t want to look at fabric, thread, or a sewing machine for a LONG time after we’re finished… this house has about a million windows. Each curtain being made is heavy and lined.. augh.

3. I am running on schedule with the final steps of Evil Cake Overlord. As I do the final formatting, it’s really hitting me, just how aptly this book is named. There are some ridiculously awesome recipes in here – aside from our entire custom menu, there are things like Jasmine-Plum Upside Down Cake, a chocolate/peanut butter/ ganache / pretzel torte… yum! Very evil, indeed!

4. The secondary drywall guy that we were bartering with for just the ceiling of the garage is AWOL. Different company than the one handling all of the interior house work… it’s stressing me out. Was supposed to be done Friday, then this weekend.. not a word. With the ridiculous amount of crap that gets stored in the garage (handyman/packrat husband)… if it doesn’t get done before we move it, it won’t get done, period.

5. The wallpaper has been removed from both offices, and they’re ready to sand/prime/etc. We have narrowed down paint colors, but not decided. Though I’d originally picked a pale purple to go with my deep plum colored office furniture, I’m now reconsidering it. Thinking a pale peach or mint green, pulling from the tapestry fabric in the curtains.

6. Our crazy fancy alarm system goes in today, so I’ll be feeling MUCH less stressed about the idea of getting broken into while we’re not there. Yeah, the neighborhood is not the best, but I don’t think I’ll be worried once we move in. I’m just paranoid until I get to KNOW the block.

7. We are no more packed today than we were when I posted my last update. Yikes.

8. A lot of the work that my husband is doing at the house is WAY behind schedule. We got totally caught off guard with the appliances delivery problems, and he’s spent most of the past few days shoveling through an entire winter’s worth of snow in the backyard and back driveway. He finally got it cleared yesterday… just in time deal with everything that fell YESTERDAY. We definitely didn’t factor several days of snow clearing into his already tight schedule 🙁

He was supposed to be done plywooding the crawl spaces in the bedroom, and on to replacing the main floor windows. Plywooding needs to be done before carpet goes in upstairs on Friday. Windows SHOULD be done before the wall people start repairing / painting the living/diningroom walls this week, after they finish the bedroom.

Now that my work at the house (curtains) is done and I’m focusing on meeting my other deadlines, I’m feeling really useless and helpless. Even if I HAD the time to contribute at the new house, I am utterly useless in that area. My aptitudes definitely fall on the “homemaker” end of the spectrum, not the handyman end. Rather than being a help, I’d slow things down: not being able to identify tools, having to be shown how to do things, etc. Augh. I just wish I could help!!

Fun fact, I have 2 scars. One is a little lightning bolt on my eyelid, the result of an unfortunate accident with a Nintendo game (don’t ask). The other is a little 1/4″ nick on my wrist from the last time I did any “handyman” stuff, but in 7th grade shop. Yeah. That band saw did NOT like me. This is exactly why my husband is perfectly happy with restricting my duties to logistics, wrangling contractors and utilities, and making curtains.

I think that’s about it for now. Really hoping that we have enough Ritalin, wine, and A535 to get through the next week. 1 week from today, we SHOULD be all moved over to the new house, and just doing final cleanup at our current house!

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