Checking in – Carpet Drama.

Less than a week til our move, and I just got a crappy phone call.

The carpet company we hired has been less than ideal to work with for the past few days. It’s been quite the contrast to our initial impressions: The first meeting went well, we picked a style and color we liked, the guy was nice and informative, etc.

Well, he came by to measure on Friday – a few hours later than scheduled. He needed 3-5 days to get the carpet in ordered. He knew we needed it installed on Friday the 25th, assured us that this would work.

… Except that they may not have our #1 choice in stock at his supplier, and we’d need to pick a second choice. First we’d heard of this, he’d been generous with the assurances til now.

Well, there weren’t any good second choices in the style we’d chosen – the only samples he’d brought to the measuring appointment. We grudgingly chose the least of all possible evils and hoped for the best. He said he’s place the order on Monday.

So today’s Tuesday, he calls to say that we can do an install on the weekend, maybe early next Monday. This is, of course, completely contrary to my explicitly telling him that we are moving IN on Saturday, and it will need to be installed before Friday evening. Says he’s not even getting the fabric IN til Friday, he has no guarantee of what time, AND the carpet will still need to come off the truck and be processed, blah blah.

Oh, and no, he can’t work around furniture, so if we move in on Saturday, we can’t have our bedroom furniture moved up there without carpet.

Never mind that we hired movers for a reason. Never mind that I can’t help with the lifting, and that my husband certainly can’t do it himself. Never mind the dates we gave him from day one. Never mind that we won’t have anywhere else to put our bedroom furniture on moving day, if we can’t have it put upstairs.

Oh, and CERTAINLY never mind that he could have ordered on Friday after the appointment – and several hours EARLIER YET, had he made the original appointment time.

I feel really ill.

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2 thoughts on “Checking in – Carpet Drama.

  1. Oh, and I still haven’t heard back from our garage drywall guy, who is still AWOL.

    … kinda done with all of the flakiness that we’ve been on the receiving end of this week!

  2. That sucks. But somehow it’ll all work out and you’ll have great “You’ll never believe what we went through to get here” stories to tell after!

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