More Updates, and Looking Ahead

Wow. Home buying can be such an ordeal! I’m totally a Type A logistics nerd, and even *I* was totally caught off guard by things that came up, took much longer than they needed to, etc. Wow.

So… we’re moved in! Mostly, anyway.

Moving day was a total mess. The movers weren’t able to stay long enough to finish the job, so we left some stuff in our basement, and the entire contents of our garage for another move date. Of course, with the Food and Wine Show this weekend… that’s not gonna happen til the weekend after. Sucks to be stuck with 2 extra weeks of rent (especially with all of the other expenses that have cropped up!), but… priorities.

So yes, Saturday we moved, Sunday we got settled in a bit during the day – finished hanging curtain rods, cat proofed the house, etc – and we moved the cats over on Sunday evening. They were NOT happy to get into the cat carrier, and the drive over was heartbreaking with all of the howling… but they really took to the new house QUICKLY. We were shocked – none of them freaked out, no hiding, no whining, nothing. They all wanted to explore, and were immediately padding around like they own the place. Well… I guess they sort of do!

Yesterday we set up the TVs, my husband’s office furniture (HUGE ordeal!), his computer / our internet, and moved some stuff around. We’re now able to use our washroom more easily, as no one is banging knees on moving boxes.

Then we had some major drama. We were finally about to go out for lunch at 3pm (!!!!), having been up since 8 am working… when we realized that we hadn’t seen Tweak in awhile. We walked around the house calling out to him, and we heard a little cry coming from one of the air vents. We called out again, he cried again… then nothing for an hour. We tore the place apart, trying to figure out how he’d gotten in there, how to get him out, WHERE he was… and he wasn’t making a peep. He’s usually a VERY vocal cat, so we were getting very worried. I made a couple of tearful calls to a furnace company and the fire department (on the furnace company’s recommendation), and we were both very sick with worry.

Then when my husband tried to move a piece of my desk furniture out of the way, he found Tweak in one of the drawers. It was RIGHT next to the vent that I was calling down into like a madwoman for the better part of an hour, and the little jerk never made a peep! Of course, once his hiding spot was discovered, he went back to his usual self- mouthing off to us repeatedly, before going BACK into the drawer. AUGH! He’s lucky he’s so cute!

Other than that, the cats love the place and have adjusted extremely well. They LOVE the weird little pop-out windows (I have no ideas what they’re called – little windows that extend to the outside in a little cube – windows on 3 sides and the top), and have adopted them as beds.

We’ll be picking away at unpacking for a LONG time, I’m thinking. Oh my lord. My husband is such a packrat!

We do have the livingroom unpacked, set up, and I’m totally in love with it. It all just works so well together – the deep teal color, contrasted with the deep wine color of the adjoining room.. the dark trim, lighter wood floors, the light brown sectional… gold throw pillows… the deep teal crinkle curtains with wine shimmer to them. I know it sounds awful, but it’s just gorgeous! When we get the dining room unpacked, I’ll be sure to post photos. This is the very first time either of us has tackled interior design, and we’re really proud of ourselves. Our bedroom is also amazing! The colors all just work so well together!

I was laying in bed yesterday morning, surveying the amazing job that the wall contractors had done.. just the beautiful colors, the space… and it hit me: I live in a much nicer house than the one I grew up in, and I’m only 31! Instant happy. I may not be rich or famous or anything, but little successes like that really do feel good!

So… I’ve been a bad blogger lately, and wanted to give one last main update on the whole house thing. I’ll be posting photos at some point, maybe in multiple posts.. but now that we’re moved in and have internet (Yay!), I can get back to business. So…

Saturday is the Food and Wine Show, and I’m honestly starting to freak out a bit. Dara at MN Monthly wrote a really nice blog entry about me, but DAMN did it ever put the pressure on! There is NO way that this year’s entry will outdo the last one I did. Because, really… how would I top that? I honestly wasn’t expecting to get invited back after that, so had NO succession plan in place. It was very much a “Burn the ships” kinda cake design!

No, this one is crazy and gross in a different way, no gore whatsoever. It’s all about context. Context is what makes this cake gross, and that’s all I’m gonna say til I post pics on Friday or Saturday!

The cake? No more complete than it was 2 weeks ago. It’s kinda stressing me out at this point – Not only have I not had time to work on it, my home kitchen is not functional and I have no room to work on it. It’s a “dummy” cake, as it has to be displayed for 2 days, so not edible inside. As such, I’m not using my commercial kitchen for it (I don’t want styrofoam bits all over it!). Hoping to get back to work on it tomorrow, when my husband goes back to work.

Gateaux is competing again, so there’s no hope of actually winning (That’s NOT as defeatist as it sounds, just an honest assessment!), but I’d like to be able to put out a really well done cake, and not just “mail it in”. I still have to make a bottle mold and cast some sugar for it (Never done either!) so… well, I guess it’ll be an adventure! Cross your fingers for me!

Hubby just came in, wants my help hauling my desk parks in from the garage, so I’ll end this entry here. I’ll update a couple times about the competition, and then go back to posting awesome recipes! I’ve had a few requests for some of our wines, so expect that soon!

Hope all’s well for all of you!

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