Food & Wine Experience – 1 Day to Go. OMG.

I tell ya, if there was a “went through the most crap in order to even show up today” award being handed out at the Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Experience‘s “Czar of Cakes” competition… hey, I’d probably win it!

Brief updates:

– The cake is no further forth than it was 2 weeks ago. Was supposed to get a bunch done on it today, but did not.

– The sugar wine bottle mold is proving more difficult / pain in the butt than I’d anticipated. My mold is ugly, and I doubt it’ll work for casting anything.

Luckily, Facebook came to the rescue, and I’m having a mold made by a pro mold maker! More on that in a coming blog entry. I’m picking it up tomorrow – nothing like leaving it till the last minute, huh?

– I’ve still never casted sugar / isomalt in my life. Tomorrow’s dry run won’t be a real dry run, as I’ll pretty much have to get it right, right away. No time for errors!

– While I was supposed to get my oven hooked up last night so I could bake the taster competition cake… things went down wrong (A part that we needed was packed wrong – wrong part, right package. UGH!). So, hubby’s been hooking up the oven AND the non-functional sink tonight. A missing part meant ANOTHER late run to Menards, where he is now. Yes, it’s after 8:30 pm. We’ve been up since 6am. We haven’t had supper yet. BAH!!

– The oven is done, and the taster cakes are being baked, finally. What a nightmare to get them on! I had to unpack a bunch of kitchen stuff and organize them into the meager existing cabinetry before I could even start. We have no counter space. Loads of change / mess / no room = me Aspie-ing right out. BUT… it’s in the oven.

Of COURSE I had to pick the most expensive, and one of the most labor intensive flavors, too. Picked one straight from Evil Cake Overlord… hope the judges like it! Oh, and the mold maker, cause he’s getting a hunk of it, too!

I am totally beat up. I don’t think I’ve ever hurt so much in my life. I seriously hope I’ll recover enough in time to ENJOY the show, rather than just pass out and nap under my cake’s table there!

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1 thought on “Food & Wine Experience – 1 Day to Go. OMG.

  1. Sending good vibes for an easy expo and quick healing. May your aspie sleep soundly all weekend. I look forward to finding out how things turn out. Best Wishes!!!

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