Release of “Evil Cake Overlord” Delayed :(

A few days ago, I received word that I would not be receiving my first shipment of “Evil Cake Overlord” until about a month after I’d planned for/expected. This is 100% my fault, and I’d like to explain:

I love having 100% control of the finished product when writing my books. It means that when you crack open my cookbooks, you’re guaranteed that everything is as I – the writer, recipe developer, etc – wants it. Every recipe, comment, tip, and even every little bit of snark comes directly from me.

I also choose every photo – which item will be photographed, and which image is ultimately chosen from the shoot for that item. With my husband being a very talented food photographer, that job can be incredibly easy at times.. and very difficult at others. Sometimes, one image will jump out immediately as THE image. Other times, there may be a lot of really awesome images to choose from, and the decision can be more difficult.

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When choosing the cover image for The Spirited Baker, it was an incredibly easy decision to make. That image jumped out right away, I fell in love with it, and we’ve been receiving incredibly positive feedback on it ever since.

The choice for Evil Cake Overlord wasn’t as easy. We chose “Citrus Splendor” as the flavor to be photographed, and the shoot produced many great images. I had a hard time deciding, but finally settled on one for the cover. It was formatted into my cover image file, and I thought I was done with it.

The thing is, it never had the same feeling for me, as my first cover. I wasn’t in LOVE with it, as the cover. It had really big shoes to fill, given the response to “The Spirited Baker”‘s cover, and in the end, it just wasn’t working for me.

So, at the last minute, I swapped out the original cover with one of the divider images. NOW I’m in love with it, 100% happy. Check out the difference:

Order the Evil Cake Overlord Cookbook!

Unfortunately, my last minute tweak resulted in a change in release date – now it’ll be April 30th. I hope you agree that it was a change that had to be made, and I beg your patience in dealing with the resulting delay!

As a thank you for putting up with me, I am going to try my best to post a cake recipe every day this week. Additionally, I am extending the $3 off preorder special right up until the new release date!:) Thanks in advance for your patience!



Thank you, everyone, for the support! In my heart, I knew the chance HAD to be made… but I was nervous about breaking the news. I appreciate all the support on Twitter and by email.

My favorite comment so far: “I’m glad you decided to switch. Both shots are beautiful, but that new one makes my taste buds dance.”

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3 thoughts on “Release of “Evil Cake Overlord” Delayed :(

  1. Right? Maybe “tame” was what was getting to me. I kinda thought it should look more… ominous? Intimidating?

    I must be a photographer’s nightmare. I say stuff like “You need to make it look like the cake is LEERING at the reader…”

  2. i think it’s a pretty good call. nothing especially e-ville about bright, sunny citrusy colours….but devilishly chocolate cake? *muahahahhahahaammmmmmmm* 😉

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