Strawberry Mango Marble Cake Recipe

I love marbled cakes! I love picking out flavors and colors to mix. I love globbing cake batter into the pans, swirling my knife through it all. I love the anticipation of seeing how the marbling will turn out, I love making that first cut, and I love having a slice of cake that features varying amounts of each flavor in every bite!

This recipe produces a moist, fruity marbled cake. It makes a great standalone cake (say, for a bundt), without needing to rely on frosting. If you decide to forgo the frosting, feel free to serve this the same day it’s baked, or even fresh out of the oven!

A word about the food coloring – I did use food coloring in the cake pictured, and I recommend the use of coloring. Fresh strawberries are delicious, but can cause the batter to look sort of grey. With just a little food coloring, the cake turns out so much prettier.

Enjoy! Oh, and if you do enjoy it – and other unique cake recipes – be sure to order my new cookbook, “Evil Cake Overlord“, as it’s full of them 🙂

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