Why I Love My Twitter Followers

Short and sweet blog entry today, wanted to share something that made my day.

As you may – or may not know – growing up as an outlier not only went a long way to forming my personality and aptitudes, it left me with a pretty healthy dose of social awkwardness. I’m mild-to-fairly phobic about most group situations, and it varies depending on the size / demographics of the group involved.

Tonight, I’m going to an event for local food bloggers. This kind of thing always leaves me torn – I’m excited to get out and learn, experience new things… but OMG there are going to be people there. Strangers.

That kind of thing is really scary to me, and I tweeted a comment about it. I have a wonderfully supportive Twitter following, a lot of whom are fellow nerds, geeks, and whatnot. You know. My tribe.

TOTALLY appreciate the commiseration I received, it’s good to not feel so alone in my awkwardness and fears… but the following advice made my day:

Aw yeah. Leave it to one of my Klingons to provide such sage advice, and make my day!

… I’m starting to think I need a “Klingons” category. Done!

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1 thought on “Why I Love My Twitter Followers

  1. If I’d known you were going I’d have baked a cake. Or, if I’d known about it earlier, I’d have sat next to you. Here’s to May! 🙂

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