Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunnies!

Last week, I was perusing my favorite online shop (Think Geek, of course!), when I happened upon a new offering of theirs: Chocolate Zombie Bunnies.

Chocolate. Zombie. Bunnies!

Seriously. click here to check them out.

They were out of stock, and I was still enjoying the memories of the fun evening I’d spend with my husband recently, creating easy Pysanky Easter eggs, and had an idea – we were going to make our own Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunnies, at home!

Seriously, this cost us under $20 for candy melts, molds, and everything. It’s something I enjoyed doing as a kid, and even made a great date night thing. Have fun with it!

Here’s how we did it:

What you need

Wilton Candy Melts*, variety of colors.
Candy melting plate (like this), optional
Small paint brushes
Bunny shaped candy molds*
Cups to hold melted candy

– Divide colored candy melts among cups – and/or melting plate, if using – following directions on the package.

– Use brush to paint colored details directly onto cavity of candy molds. If doing multiple layers, remember that the first color you put down will be the outermost color visible. Ie: paint the pupil first, THEN the rest of the eye:

– Allow each color of candy to harden before painting a different color on top of it:

– Once all of your detail work is finished and hardened, carefully pour your main color into the mold, filling to the edge. Place in the fridge or freezer until completely set.

– Once candy is set, remove from fridge and gently flex the mold to release your creation.

If using a 2 piece (3D) mold:

– Paint all details as noted above.

– For a hollow candy, fill one half of the mold. Attach the second half, secure with clips/clamps/elastic bands, and flip. Turn the mold several times, ensuring that the entire cavity is covered. Chill, release as described above.

– For a solid candy, fill both halves of the mold, carefully attach. Secure with clips (etc), chill thoroughly before releasing.


Yep, those are the basics for making any sort of candy mold creations. We’re not talking about “any sort” of candy creations though, we’re talking about Zombie Bunnies! Here are a few zombie-specific tips:

1. Red pupils. Yellow eyes. Oh yes!

2. We drew “stitches” with brown chocolate, let that dry, and then painted red candy “blood” around/dripping from them.

3. For a “Shaun of the Dead” style bunny, paint on a red tie. Allow that to dry before painting on a white “shirt” over that.

4. If doing a brown or green colored zombie bunny, draw on white fangs with red blood. Same goes for claws on the feet!

5. Take photos, and share them on our Facebook page!

*Available at Joann’s, Michaels, cake decorating supply shops, and probably a lot of other places.

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