Homemade Mint Wine

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Homemade Mint Wine

Homemade Mint Wine

The other day, I posted our recipe for Homemade Watermelon Wine.. While this is an excellent wine to make – and drink! – in the summertime, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share our other big favorite summer wine recipe.

Homemade Mint Wine.

Homemade Mint Wine

I’m not kidding. It sounds a bit odd, and you’ll question the outcome at various stages along the way. Looking at our notes, we actually wrote “Don’t bother making again” in the notes! A year after starting the wine, however, we’re really glad we made it.

This is a light, sweet, unique wine.. great served chilled. If you have some patience, you’ll be glad you stuck it out. This wine ferments lightly and sloooowly.

Other than that, mint is easy to make, and SUPER cheap if you – like a lot of people I know – have a patch of mint that’s bent on taking over your yard. Homemade Mint Wine is a great summer project!

Homemade Mint Wine

If you haven’t attempted making wine before, don’t be intimidated!

Check out our primer to home brewing, it starts here, with parts 2 and 3 here and here. Just a small handful of entries, and you’ll be good to go!


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Homemade Mint Wine

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