Meet the Family! (AKA: Introducing “Caturday”!)

Yesterday I read a comment on Twitter about how the persons’ feed was full of talk about riots and the economy, and “someone please send cat pics!”. As a proud mom to four “furbabies”, I decided right then and there – this blog will have a new feature. Saturdays will now be “Caturdays”, where I will post some ridiculously cute photos of the whole family here.

I mean, really… Martha Stewart blogs about her dogs, so why not?

Before my first “Caturday” post, I want to take the opportunity to introduce them all to you! You may already know them, if you follow me on Twitter… or “Like their page on Facebook. If not.. meet the family (who made one more appearance on this blog, back at Christmas.)

Rat was feral when my husband took her in. She’d been living in the pole barn he was building at the time (before we met), and made her way into his garage as the winter set it. He didn’t want her to suffer / die, so he brought her inside. Apparently she was SO vicious, that her real name was “The Rat”. he put up with her, she put up with him, and eventually she domesticated.

By the time we got Tweak, our 3rd cat… Rat had really changed. Something about having a baby kitten in the house brought out some “mommy” instinct, and she softened right up. It was interesting to watch this formerly wild animal taking all kinds of abuse from a little orange ball of fur – going so far as to throw herself down and pretend he’d knocked her down, etc.

Rat is the “boss” of the rest of the household. The other cats seem to look up to her as some sort of feline authority figure. She’s a “ninja”, able to hide in plain sight. In particular, she knows she’s black, and will lay down on black blankets, pants, suitcases… and blend in until she opens her eyes. It can be pretty jolting at times!

Rat’s a big stoner, and LOVES anything in the catnip/mint/menthol families. When I use topical muscle rubs, she will go completely bug eyed and crazy, “stalking” my legs! She’s pretty much solid muscle, and a STRONG cat, so it can get scary at times, even if it’s pretty cute as well.

Rat’s a big fan of pepperoni pizza. Very specifically pepperoni – she can tell if there’s pepperoni when we bring a pizza in the house, and will crawl all over Porter until he gives her some of the pepperoni off it. It’s cute to watch him pull a slice off the pizza and blow on it to cool it down, as if he was offering the food to a human baby!

Rat’s had PTSD since the tornado, and will burrow under the sheets if any storm comes on. She was our bravest cat by far, so it’s been sad to watch. We purchased a set of “Cat Sitter” DVDs – just a bunch of birds and stuff – to play when we’ll be out of the house when a storm comes. It seems to help a little.

Jame was my husband’s little trick to get me to fall for him. Back when we were long distance friends, we would video chat. She’d get up on his lap and he’d just pet her for hours on end. I thought it was sweet that he doted on his cat so much, and really – cats are good judges of characters. For her to adore him SO much, he HAD to be a decent guy! He saw what was happening, and played it up. “JameCam” because a regular thing – she was adorable, and I couldn’t get enough.

Well, his plot may have worked, but he warped her for life! Jame is the “princess” of the family. She’s very dainty and prissy… and a total attention whore. If Porter is around, he MUST be paying attention to her at all times. I mean, hours on end. If he stops, she will head butt him! She will sleep on him and purr all night, but if he tries to sleep TOO long, she will paw him on the arm/face to wake him up for more attention!

When she’s feeling SUPER deprived of attention (Maybe 5 minutes of being ignored), she will toss her prissy attitude out the window, throw herself down on the ground, and roll around until SOMEONE fawns all over her. I’d say more about her, but this really sums up her entire personality!

As my husband had Jame and Rat (both girls) before me, and as they were both brainwashed “Daddy’s Girls” by the time I came around, we decided to get a third cat. I was definitely used to having “Mommy’s Boys” for cats, so we found a little boy kitten that would be “mine”. Right. My husband is the pied piper of cats, and Tweak quickly became a Daddy’s Boy. It’s been weird for me, as I’ve always been the one that cats would flock to and demand attention from!

Tweak’s ad called him “talkative”, which is apparently Craigslist code for “mouthy” and “whiny”. Oh my lord, this cat is quite the noisemaker! He was named after the Southpark character for being so spastic in his earliest days with us, and he’s just lived up to the name ever since. He has quite the personality!

Tweak is addicted to milk, and will SCREAM for it every morning until he gets it. He knows the word (We have to say “white stuff” at all times, or he’ll start screaming for it – regardless of the time of day!). He’s also a beer snob. My husband made the mistake of letting him try a sip of some beer one time, now he crawls all over him trying to get at any glass or bottle of beer he may have. If it’s not a hoppy / quality enough beer, Tweak will turn up his nose at it!

When we got Turbo, our youngest cat, we were a little worried that Tweak would try to eat her. Instead, it brought out the same parenting personality that Rat had gotten over him! It was very cute how he took to her instantly, snuggling her right away, protecting her, etc. If she squawked about anything, he’d come running. At one point, he played hero to her: Somehow, she’d climbed up on a short file cabinet, and fell down behind the HUGE office cabinetry that was beside it. Tweak freaked out, found me, and screamed at me till I followed him to the office, so I could rescue “his baby”!

Tweak loves to play “Pirate Kitty”, and will stretch out across my husband’s shoulders and just lay there as he walks about the house, doing whatever. At the old house, Tweak would dive bomb him, even when unprepared. As soon as Porter came home from work, he was fair game for “Pirate Kitty”, and had to watch anytime he bent to take his shoes off or whatever. If Tweak was waiting on the ledge… he would soon be landing on Porter’s back/shoulders!

Turbo is our little baby. She was supposed to be a scond attempt at having a “Mommy’s Boy” for me, but we failed miserably. Not only did she turn out to be a girl, the “Pied Piper of Cats” struck again, and she is very firmly a Daddy’s Girl! Turbo was named for how easily and frequently she purred – she was like a little engine! Still is, too – she’ll purr if we look at her!

Turbo was still a baby when the tornado hit, and also seems to have PTSD, the poor thing. When a storm comes, she will hide at the bottom of the stairs, wedged between the door and the bottom step. We think she must have been upstairs when it hit. 🙁 She spent most of her kittenhood living at my father in law’s house, only being visited once a day while closed off in a room with the other 3 cats – we still feel awful about it.

Still, she’s an extremely happy cat, who will make a toy out of ANYTHING. Her favorite toys are the little plastic curls that come off of our homebrew wine corks, and she’ll carry those everywhere! Her favorite game is to take one to thetop of the stairs, bat it down the stairs, and carry it back up again. My husband would LOVE it if she would keep this to a daytime activity, as she’ll wake him up at 2 am by doing this repeatedly.

Also, she tends to treat actual cat toys as her “dollys”. She has a “baby seal”, and some mice… which we’ll find face down in her food dish, as though she’s trying to feed them! It’s insanely cute.

Like Tweak’s “Pirate Kitty”, Turbo has her own personal “Turbo Hold”. It’s a specific way she’ll nestle in my husband’s bent arm, and once she’s set, she “Swims”. One paw at a time, she’ll extend her leg, spread her toes wide out, and then bend it and pull it in – she looks like she’s dogpaddling!

So, those are our cats in a nutshell. They each have such funny personalities, I could only touch on some of their quirks… but I look forward to sharing the cuteness with you!

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at the sort of ridiculous cuteness I’ll be sharing on a weekly basis:

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