1st Official “Caturday”: Baby Photos!

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Turbo, being ridiculously stinking cute.
So, here it is – the first official “Caturday” post! (I’m not counting the “Meet the Family” post, of course. That’s just backgrounder information to *prepare* for Caturday!)

Anyway, wow, it’s almost 8pm… so maybe I should get to it!

For the “birth” of this feature on the blog, I decided that “baby photos” would be a good theme to start with. Unfortunately, we don’t have any baby photos of Rat, and only 2 of Jame. We got a lot more camera happy with the two youngest, to the point of ridiculousness – I had to sift through thousands of cat photos, to come up with a batch of baby-specific ones!

Our cats are all half crazy, so there are definitely a lot of interesting theme posts coming.


Jame, before I met her. Very much a ‘bachelor’s’ living room!

Jame on the left, Tweak on the right

Tweak would sneak up on the toy, timidly reach out and touch it, then run off. So cute!

Tweak on Rat. This was not posed. See the post linked above for a hilarious similar pic, taken when Tweak was much older!

I still can’t believe that this tiny little thing is the big obnoxious bastard we have now! (Still cute though!)

Tweak babysitting Turbo as she played on the stairs the day we got her. He was instantly very watchful/protective of her!

Turbo hiding under the couch on Day 1. I loved her big blue eyes… she still has gorgeous eyes!

Had to include this series. She was OBSESSED with the stack of cardboard boxes, the day we got her. She acted like she was trying to go rock climbing.. it was adorable!

The quality on these last three photos is bad – it was kinda dark, and I took them on my phone. This was very early on in Turbo’s days with us, and Tweak took to her quickly. It was so sweet how he’d snuggle her then.. and still does, to this day!

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