Caturday: Mornings in Bed

We’ve decided to actually have a proper weekend, for the first time since the tornado.

Well, originally, this meant NO work at all, but we decided to finish tiling the bathroom floor/under the toilet, but… well, it’s just a couple hours, so I’ll let that slide. Still looking at it as a MOSTLY no-tornado-work weekend!

This morning, we slept in til 8 (!!), and then hung around in bed and watched the last Dr Who episode available on netflix. It was quite good… both lounging around, and the Dr Who episode!

So… gonna take some inspiration from this morning, and post some older photos of Jame. This was back shortly after moving in with my husband, and Jame had ISSUES with it. She was very, very possessive of “daddy”, and was NOT fond of the idea of anyone else sharing HER bed. Back then, it was pretty obnoxious… but now I find this photo set pretty adorable. I took these photos one morning after she’d “kicked me out of bed”.


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