Custom “Nerds” Wedding / Party Favors!

Editing to add: Due to popular request, I’ve shared my template for these boxes. You can find it HERE.

Saturday was our 5th Wedding anniversary! No one’s died or been (significantly) maimed, so I think we’re doing pretty good at this whole “marriage” thing 🙂

While we splurged on the venue, we did a lot of our wedding ourselves, DIY. It was all quite nerdy and perfect for us.
We got married at the Science Museum, which was a no brainer for us. It was the only venue we’d looked at! In looking at a local wedding magazine, with huge lists of the local venues, we got headaches just thinking about picking a venue. Then, we saw the Science Museum listed. Boom. Done.

Our centerpieces were very simple, just 3 test tubes glued together tripod-style, each with a stargazer lily. These were placed on mirror tiles on each of the guest dining tables – each table named after an element. We had fun trying to arrange the table names in an appropriate way – closest friends were seated at tables named after our favorite element, the kids were at the “Neon” table, etc.

The food was not so hot, our cake (I did NOT make it!) was freezerburnt, and our photographer spent most of the time hitting on one of our friends, rather than actually working. Meanwhile, the DJ and the bartender did their absolute best to make it an awseome evening, which it was. I mean really, we had our ceremony less than 5 yards away from “Bodyworlds”, LOL!

Anyway, in honor of our anniversary, I’d like to share what we did for our favors: Custom Nerds candy!

Here’s how I did it:

1. Bought a box of Nerds, carefully took the box apart and scanned it.

2. Did a cleaner outline of the box in photoshop. Cleaned up the logo and “Nerds” characters, extracted the colors and left outlines.

3. Editted the characters – drew dresses and collars/bowties on them, added a ringbearer pillow and flowergirl basket, aimed a “bride” and “groom” character at each other, as if about to kiss. Colored each in our wedding colors.

4. Editted the “Willy Wonka” to our names, added our wedding date to the logo.

5. Customized the ingredients/nutrition info to match our color scheme, added our wedding website url to the bottom flap of the box.

(Work in Progress!)

5. Texturized the background color layer, added images of Stargazer lilies from our main stationery, and moved everything around to look good.

6. Pasted the whole image to one of the large Vistaprint postcard templates, printed about 50% more than I needed.

7. Used a slide cutter to trim the postcards to the outer outlines of the box, then used very sharp tipped scissors to trim all of the little “v” cuts, etc.

8. Scored the edges with a different attachment for the slide cutter.

9. Folded all of the boxes. Glued them together them together as we went, leaving 1 opening.

10. Ordered bulk nerds candy, used that to fill the boxes. Glued the final flap open, and… done!

These went over SUPER well, and we still have a few today. It was a fair amount of work, but well worth it!

In fact, here’s a version I did for someone else:

Have you seen any awesomely nerds wedding or party favors? We’d love to hear about them!

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12 thoughts on “Custom “Nerds” Wedding / Party Favors!

  1. This is such an incredible idea. I am a full time student so I don’t have time to do this for my wedding in may but was wondering if I could contact you and order them from you and you can ship them to me?

  2. I was wondering if there was any way for me to obtain a template of this or a version I could edit. I am horrible at photoshop so if I had to start from square one I wouldn’t be able to do this. But I love it! It is so adorable.

  3. This is such a great idea! I’m helping a geeky friend of mine for her wedding. Thanks for sharing this! Btw, is there a way that we could get a copy of this template? Please..

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