Gorgeous Harry Potter Themed Wedding

I have a unique wedding that is SO gorgeous and well done … it really needs very little commentary. So, let me get the acknowledgements out of the way.

Christine and Andy met because of Harry Potter – through an online forum – and decided to theme their wedding around the series.

The gorgeous photography was done by Geoff White Photographers. In addition to their website, you can catch them on Facebook, Twitter, and on their blog.


The invitations were gorgeous…

I think my favorite part of this wedding reception was how they handled the seating. Every guest was given a wand – personalized with the wedding date – that was tagged with the “house” each guest belonged to:

The guests were seated along long dining tables in the “Great Hall”.. of course. What a gorgeous and unique looking venue for a wedding!

The wedding took place at a GORGEOUS outdoor venue, and the couple made great use of the spectacular scenery – it was obviously an enchanting wedding.

I just looked through around 600 photos from this wedding… I can’t believe the amazing job done here. Such great use of color, decor, props, natural elements… Too many photos to post here! After checking out the next few photos, be sure to check out the photos we’ve uploaded to our Facebook Group, in this album

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  1. please, please, please let me know where I can order the engraved wands as wedding favors….. they are exactly what I have been looking for and every time I see them online I ask and so far get no reply…. please it would make my wedding so much more perfect! thank you!

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