Cue the Swan Song, I am FREE!

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Yesterday was a day that I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. I delivered my very last wedding cake!

You see, my retiring from cakes was something that had to be worked out carefully, 2+ years in advance. I stopped advertising in wedding media. I stopped taking mainstream orders, choosing to just work with nerds and geeks. I slowed, then stopped taking orders – quietly – so I could finish off the majority of my remaining contracts without adding to the work load.

Eventually, I made it to the next step . Made the big announcement, and publicly was off the market for cakes at that time. There were still a couple cakes still on the horizon for friends, as favors, etc. Nevertheless, at that point, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

As of yesterday, I’m done. DONE. Man, it feels good. So, let me tell you about the cake, the bride, and the retirement.

First off, it wasn’t just the fact that this is my LAST cake that had me looking forward to this cake. The bride and groom were AWESOME. Brittany and Ross are both geeks, super sweet, easy to get along with, and a lot of fun. Any couple that’s going to order a “Zelda” themed wedding cake with a Star Trek quote is awesome.

A couple of weeks before the wedding, Brittany tweeted:

“Also stressed to caterer how much we want to see our cake before it is cut after horror story from a coworker–they NEVER got to see theirs.” Followed immediately by “I think I would die if I didn’t get enough time with @Celebr8nGenr8n’s sugar art. Prob. gonna be hard not to make out with it.”

When I tweeted that I was working on a “super geeky cake topper for (her) wedding”, she replied:


When I tweeted to her – just 2 days before the wedding – that I was SUPER tempted to misspell something on the cake, as it was my LAST one, and would be fun to get a “cake wreck” out of it, she not only did NOT freak out at me, she replied:

“Ross and I now wish we’d picked a @cakewrecks theme. Baby/carrot topper, poo tier, tier with words “pink heart here.”

I mean really, how can you not love this girl? Brides… you know that saying “A happy wife = a happy life”? You should apply it to your wedding vendors. Much better to go down in someone’s memory as a favorite, with warm fuzzies… than as a ‘zilla. Just saying.

The cake was awesome. Not only was it geeky, it was INVOLVED enough to not be boring.

I had to make a sword cake topper. The cake was hexagonal (I don’t get to make many of those!), piped with intricate symbols, and then gradient airbrushed. I love airbrushing entire cakes, and to do a gradient is a bonus. Not enough people have that much fun with color on their wedding cakes.

Then, I airbrushed it a SECOND time with metallic shimmer, and hand painted all of the piping with more metallic shimmer food paint.

Plus, I mean… I got to quote Spock on it. I LOVE Spock. I love Leonard Nimoy. How awesome is it that I got to incorporate that on my last cake? If I’d had to pipe buttercream roses for my last one… ugh.

Even in piping the decorations on, though.. I was still tempted to get a cake wreck out of it. Had their been room to attribute the quote, I had an awesome idea – I could just attribute the quote “ – Kirk”. Enough of a wreck that the couple – and probably the vast majority of their friends – would get it, but not enough so that I’d have to bring myself to spell something wrong (which would probably make my brain bleed). I’m not sure if it would be “wrecky” enough for Jen at Cake Wrecks … but I bet she’d get a laugh out of it! 🙂

The bride did, when I told her of the idea while I delivered the cake!

I got to be present for the brides’ first viewing of the cake. She was ADORABLE, and I was so honored to have that moment, for my last time. Also? Bonus points for strewing boxes of Nerds candy all over the cake table. My husband and I gave out Nerds at our own wedding!

The cake featured alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla cake, brushed with Jameson whiskey syrup, and filled with Bailey’s Irish cream Swiss meringue buttercream. Yum!

As I walked out of the venue, I cried. I was FREE. No more wedding industry. No more fondant making. No more slaving for HOURS in a hot commercial kitchen. To paraphrase Bil Pullman:

I’m going to live on! I’m going to survive! Today I celebrate my Independence Day!

Brittany tweeted this morning:

“Congrats on the end of an era! Our cake = incredible inside & out. You made our big day so 1337; we count you as a friend!” and “now for the less sappy tweet: YOU’RE FREE! Go forth and destroy some cake in celebration! Might I recommend torturing one?”*

<3. Anyway. When I tweeted and facebooked the big announcement after the delivery had been made, it became apparent that there are some common questions that I should answer. So, here we go. (click "2" below the social media bar to get to page 2!)

5 thoughts on “Cue the Swan Song, I am FREE!

  1. Cool! Good luck! Its pretty funny that we are on the opposite trajectory and I’ve just given up my job to do cakes full time! Pretty scary stuff for me as I hope I don’t get burned out too quickly!

  2. Good for you, Marie. I am happy to hear that you have more cookbook ideas in the works. I love the two I have and can not wait for more. You have a lot of talent and obviously need to spread it around to different areas. Live long and prosper!

  3. First off… Congrats! I don’t tend to stay put in one ‘thing’ for long either; frankly there’s too much awesomeness out there to confine myself to learning just one skill and sticking with it.
    Secondly… my fave quote ever… ON A WEDDING CAKE?!? Although even reading makes me tear up just a little.. (Fine, I’ll say it. I had a huge crush on Spock. Watching him die nearly killed little kid me. Even though he really didn’t 😉
    I’m off to check out your cookbooks now…

  4. I know I won’t be the only one to tell you that this is totally kickass – props for knowing yourself so well, for stopping before you ended up in the nuthouse, and for ending on such an AMAZING note!

    You already know I’ll buy all your cookbooks – can I just put a deposit down on future releases now? 😉

    You rock, Marie! <3!

  5. That’s quite a career track. Good luck with your retirement. I hope you find something new you can sink your teeth into. Looking forward to your videos/tutorials.

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