Caturday: Brew Day!

In late May, we had a “brew day” scheduled… I think it was for May 29th. On brew days, we rack our wines, bottling if needed, and generally take care of the many carboys we have brewing. Wine making involves a bit of “babysitting”.

Well, it’s now September 18th. Not only did the May 29th Brew day not happen – we haven’t had a brew day since. We DID check the carboys right after the May 22nd tornado – they survived, even if the kitchen IMMEDIATELY above them did not! – so we know that much at least.

Anyway, in the interest of NOT losing all that hard work – and as a result of the rainy forecast today – we’re having our first post-tornado homebrew day!

Yes, it’s partly to get to work on cleaning out & organizing the basement – which needs to be done before my husband can start building the kitchen cabinets. Yes, with the amount of wine that was left THAT long, it’ll be a lot of work. (We have a TON of small 1 gallon batches in different flavors!). You know what though? I’m going to consider it a “day off”. Yesterday was a long day of exterior work. Porter worked on caulking all of the small cracks in the stucco and bricks, also re-laying a handful of bricks, while I started painting the garage. It’s pretty! Anyway, I digress – I think that convincing ourselves that this brew day is some sort of a vacation would be a good thing.

What does this have to do with Caturday (Catunday!)?

Well, I think it inspires a great Caturday theme!

You see, Tweakie is a bit of a boozehound. If you leave an unattended glass of ANYTHING anywhere in our house, he will get into it, and he will drink it. If you leave a beer bottle unattended, he will try to drink from it, before knocking it OVER to drink from it. If Porter is drinking from a glass, Tweak will get up in his face, position himself between Porter’s torso and the glass, and generally make things difficult until he’s allowed a sip.

Tweak’s little “quirk” started young, when he’d try to steal a sip of our daiquiris!

Although Tweak likes to sniff wine bottles, he usually doesn’t fight over wine, or really drink it at all. He’ll demand to sniff what we’re drinking, and then walk away. It’s all really cute.

It’s not that he’s a raging alcoholic, he’ll behave the same way towards almost anything we’re drinking from a glass – soda, water, milk… whatever.

Hope you enjoyed this photo set!

PS: Tweak has developed a bit of beer snobbery over the past couple of years. He definitely prefers hoppy beers, and will turn up his nose at cheaper beers!

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