Caturday: Douchebag Cat

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This morning, Tweak was a bigger jerk than usual. I had to eject him from the bed over a dozen times, each time being quickly followed up with him jumping RIGHT back up, yelling in my face, and/or chewing on my hair. This started about 6am – particularly nasty, as we hadn’t gotten to bed til at least 2:30am!

Turbo watched the whole thing from her perch in the cat tree – until Tweak jumped up, wrestled her, and knocked her off the structure, backwards. What a JERK!

So, because I’m already a day late on Caturday, and because I’m REALLY annoyed with Tweak right now, let’s look back on some of the times he’s been he’s been photographed while being various degrees of obnoxious! 🙂

He thinks he’s being subtle…

Big sushi gift basket for a friend. Again, not so subtle, Tweakie!

Admittedly, “laundry monster cat” can be kind of cute!

Tweak “assisting” with costume making.

This was a 7′ tall fake cake I made for a wedding show. When the show was over and I stored it in my home office (what does one DO with a 7′ tall fake cake?) Tweak decided it was his new bed/perch.

I don’t know if he was trying to help or not. THAT box never ended up being sent 🙂

Tweak discovered that he could reach a light from his old cat tree. He’s reach over, grab it, pull it in to him and stare in it. We’d see, yell at him (worried he’d burn/blind himself!), and take it away. 2 minutes later, same thing.

Tweak playing with an expensive camera, after sort of wrestling it away from me.

These ended up being used for Christmas cards the year after.

Ok, so sometimes, bad = cute. What are some of YOUR cats’ bad (but maybe cute!) behaviors?

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2 thoughts on “Caturday: Douchebag Cat

  1. Huh… Tweak has a similar color and pattern to our Edgar… The cat that managed to fall through our basement ceiling taking out 10+ panels in the process. Now that he is 13 he tends to behave more a.k.a. naps and prefers to be a throw pillow. 🙂

  2. Your cat is soooo adorable! I once had a cat like this one, his name was Tiger. When I see your cat, it reminds me of mine.

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