The Food and Wine Show – Czar of Cakes Competition

So, the Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Show – and its “Czar of Cakes” competition – happened several months ago. I’m stuck on what to blog today, so I figure it’s about time for me to blog about my cake competition entry! Kinda lame, seeing as how I was pretty good about blogging about it up UNTIL the event!

As with last year, I wanted to go for a theme that no one else would be doing… behold, my “White Trash Cuisine” cake!

I figured … hey, they’re paying like $80 a ticket to get in to this fancy show, going this way with it will guarantee it’ll stand out!

Well, it did… but I was actually shocked at the response. Surrounded by all kinds of yummy, high end food providers, TONS of people were copping to loving Totino’s & Velveeta. Uhm… what? Definitely caught me off guard!

The “fried chicken” is made from rice krispy treats, everything is covered with fondant and hand painted / airbrushed / etc with food coloring.

The wine bottles are made from sugar, and are entirely edible! For the labels, I scanned an actual label, cleaned it up in photoshop (That was a TON of work!), then had it printed onto a frosting sheet!

For judges taster cake, I whipped up a batch of my Spumoni Cake Recipe, straight from Evil Cake Overlord. It went over super well with at least one of the judges, who declared that I could open a cake shop in Brooklyn based on the strength of this flavor alone!

I may not have won the title, but I had a lot of fun with this cake. In addition to putting it up on cinderblocks for a cake stand (LOL!), I also rigged a teeny set of hidden speakers to play “Dueling Bangos” during judging!

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